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The Impact of Red Light Therapy on Testosterone: Sexual Health, Fertility, and More

This article discusses the positive impact of red light therapy for testosterone boosting and the resulting sexual, fertility, and health benefits.

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a key hormone in the body produced by the testicles in men, and in lesser amounts in women’s ovaries. In addition, the adrenal glands make the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which converts into testosterone in the body.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the body, and it promotes the development of male sexual characteristics. This includes both the internal and external sex organs, which form in the fetus before birth, and sperm production throughout a man’s life.

In addition, this hormone is key in promoting the changes that occur in males during puberty, like the growth of the penis, testes, and prostate, increased height, and pubic hair growth. It also regulates sex drive and libido, and maintains the health and functioning of the reproductive organs.

Fertility specialist and professor of urology at Stanford Medical Center Michael Eisenberg, M.D, explains, “Testosterone in women is less studied because its primary role is in males, but it does seem to contribute to sex drive in women, to a smaller degree than men [1].”

Testosterone also stimulates the production of red blood cells, which promotes the growth and strength of muscles and bones, improves exercise endurance, decreases fatigue, and boosts brain health and mood.

What Are the Signs of Testosterone Deficiency?

Levels of testosterone naturally decline in men as they age, and there are other factors such as medical conditions, testicular injury, or medication which may also have this effect.

According to an article by P Dandona and M T Rosenberg published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, some of the common symptoms of low testosterone may include [2]:

  • Decreased libido
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Lower energy levels, fatigue
  • Possible issues getting strong erections
  • Reduced bone mass
  • Low sperm count, poor fertility
  • Smaller testes
  • Gynecomastia – male breast development
  • Difficulties with mood
  • Decline in concentration and memory


Infraredi Red

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How Does Red Light Therapy Increase Testosterone?

LED light therapy works by sending photons of light into the mitochondria of the cells, which stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). As we explained in our review of Red Light Man, ATP powers all of the body’s cells, which leads to a spike in cellular energy.

ATP and cellular energy are crucial in the production of testosterone and the functioning of the testes. As such, the red light therapy for testicles stimulates the Leydig cells within them to produce higher levels of this key hormone.

In addition, there’s some evidence to indicate that infrared light to the brain may improve sexual functioning, based on a study in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine by Paolo Cassano, et al [3].

While its not specifically due to the higher testosterone levels, red light therapy on the penis can positively impact the ability to achieve spontaneous erections.

Dr Ekaterina Koultchavenia of the Novosibirsk Research Institute explained that light therapy was effective in this purpose, explaining, “We believe the success of our laser treatment is due to a massaging of the veins which leads to increased metabolism and nutrition of the tissue [4].”

In addition to using red light therapy to increase testosterone in men the technology could also enhance libido and sexual functioning in women, and may be especially helpful pre and post menopause.

An article in Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism by Rosemary Basson discussed the potential of testosterone therapy in increasing libido in women [5].

We have also covered the best red light therapy device reviews which benefit in the rejuvenation of skin, and signs of aging, reduce pain, and inflammation, as well as improve exercise performance.



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Is Red Light Therapy For Testosterone Safe?

As discussed in our review of Platinum Therapy Lights, red light therapy is a safe technology that is low in potential risks and side effects. However, when it comes to testicular red light therapy, it’s important to keep in mind that the skin in the area is thin and vulnerable.

When you use light therapy for testosterone on the scrotum, make sure that the only color you use is red. Blue, infrared, and other wavelengths could lead to damage.

Influence of testosteroneRed light therapy and its influence on testosterone secretion

Red Light Therapy Benefits: Testosterone

Red light therapy testosterone results in a number of key enhancements to sexual health and functioning, and it offers other health advantages as well. These are the key benefits:

Boosts Sexual Libido and Stamina

The added ATP stimulated by red light therapy boosts cellular energy and testosterone levels, which results in an enhancement in sexual libido, stamina, and performance in men and women, as well as improvement in general sexual functioning.

A study on rats published in Biomedical Research by Jin-Chul Ahn, Young-Hoon Kim, and Chung-Ku Rhee concluded that low level laser therapy effectively improved serum testosterone levels, which could increase arousal [6].

Improves Fertility

The elevation in cellular energy from red light therapy scrotum treatment may enhance semen quality, improve sperm count and motility, and help prevent the development of abnormal cells.

In addition, it could increase the size of the testicles and may help in the treatment of hypogonadism. This could result in improved fertility and increase the likelihood of conception.

LED light therapy may also improve fertility in women, as indicated by a study in Laser Therapy by Toshio Ohshiro [7].

Boosts Muscle Mass, Strength and Enhances Athletic Performance

Red light therapy for low testosterone levels increases the production of red blood cells, which brings added oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for improved growth and strength. It can also decrease fatigue, boost energy levels, enhance athletic endurance, and improve recovery.

A review of the research published in the Journal of Biophoticis by Cleber Ferraresi and Michael R. Hamblin, et al concluded that photobiomodulation treatment may improve muscle mass after training and decrease inflammation in tissue, for a possible advantage in sports performance [8].

Promotes Fat and Weight Loss

Testosterone is important in the metabolism of fat, carbs, and protein, and as such an increase helps burn fat and prevent fat storage. It also replaces some of the fat with lean muscle for improved body sculpture and composition.

A review in the Journal of Endocrinology by Daniel M. Kelly and Hugh Jones mentioned the potential benefits of a boost in testosterone in promoting fat and weight loss [9].

We have curated a list of various red light therapy panels that can help you gain all the benefits of Red light therapy.

Improves Bone Density

Red light testosterone therapy has the potential to increase bone density and improve bone structure, decreasing the risk of fractures, since this is one of the benefits of an increase in this key hormone.

A review published in Clinical Interventions in Aging discussed the role of testosterone in bone health and concluded that optimal levels are key for preventing osteoporosis in elderly men [10].

Enhances Mood and Brain Health

Low mood is one of the potential symptoms of low testosterone levels. There are brain cells which have receptors particularly susceptible to increases in testosterone, and they may help improve mood, decrease depression, and have a general positive effect on mental health.

We reviewed the article Joovv Solo 3.0, the red light therapy which decreases pain and inflammation, improves blood circulation, and brain health with is FDA approved.

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in JAMA Psychiatry found that testosterone therapy may improve depressive symptoms in men. We also documented Novaa light pro reviews which also focus on improving mood and brain health. As per customer reviews it also shows positive results after use [11].


Platinum LED

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Red Light Therapy Work For Testosterone?

A: There is evidence that red light testicle therapy increases testosterone levels in men, which in turn may improve sexual libido, stamina, muscle mass and strength, athletic endurance, and other aspects of health like mood and energy levels.

Q: What is The Best Red Light Therapy Testosterone Device?

A: There are a number of red light therapy for testosterone devices on the market such as groin cups which the manufacturer has specifically designed for this purpose.

Have a look at the selection and choose a high-quality product which is FDA cleared and manufactured according to strict safety regulations, as well as very low in EMF levels.

Q: Can You Use Red Light Therapy on Testicles?

A: You can use red light therapy on testicles as long as you stick to the red wavelengths. Other colors like blue or infrared may harm the area, so it’s best to avoid them.

Q: Can Red Light Therapy Improve your Sex Life?

A: Yes, red light testosterone therapy has the potential to boost your sex drive, improve sexual stamina, and increase overall sexual performance. This should also result in enhanced sexual confidence and enjoyment.

Q: Which Men Would Most Benefit From Testicle Red Light Therapy?

A: Red light therapy benefits testosterone, which makes it ideal for men who are experiencing low sex drive and other symptoms associated with a decline in levels of this key hormone. This could include men who have a diagnosis of hypogonadism.

As LED light therapy improves sperm production, this technology may be very helpful for men who want to enhance their fertility.

In addition, testicle red light therapy is a suitable technology for men who want to build up their muscle mass and strength, decrease fatigue, and boost exercise endurance.


There’s evidence to show that red light therapy may have a significant impact in increasing testosterone levels in both men and women. This can help improve sex drive, increase muscle mass and strength, and promote weight loss, among other benefits.

In addition, testicular red light therapy could improve fertility by enhancing healthy sperm production. There are a wide range of red light therapy devices on the market, including some specific red light testosterone products. Many of the reviews for these devices report very positive results.

When selecting a red light therapy device to increase testosterone, make sure you choose a high-quality product from a highly reputable manufacturer. Ensure that the device is FDA cleared, and thus the manufacturer produces it according to rigid safety regulations.

Also, we documented the article solawave red light wand reviews that got a favorable response in terms of benefits, safety, side effects, experts, and customer review.

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