Ad & Sponsorship Policy

To be able to deliver helpful content consistently, as well as cater to our operation and website maintenance costs, we have a policy that allows us to partner with advertisers in an unbiased term. To show our commitment to transparency, we have publicly shared our advertising policy in-depth, including our standards, how we decide on ads, and what it takes for adverts to qualify for a space on our site., always instates a clear difference between ordinary content generation and advertising posts.

  • We set, implement and place distinguishing borders between ads and editorial content. We have clear and distinct delineations between our content that is sponsored or paid for.
  • Sponsored or “Native” ads will always have an “Advertising,” “Sponsored” or “Ad” tag or a textual indication to help the reader differentiate the type of content that the sponsor has paid for.
  • The “Native” ads, “Sponsored” or “textual Ads” on our website will also have a mark to indicate the type of content, and whether someone paid for it to be hosted in that space.
  • We don’t allow any editorial content to be influenced by our ad, sponsor, or ad-placing partners.

Advertiser Disclosure

At Red Light Therapy Digest, some of our articles include links to advertisers’ offers, known as “affiliate links.” These links may generate income for our site when clicked on. However, the compensation we receive from advertisers does not influence the recommendations or advice provided by our editorial team in our articles or otherwise affect any of the editorial content on Red Light Therapy Digest.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information that we believe is relevant to our readers, but Red Light Therapy Digest cannot guarantee that any information provided is complete or accurate. We also make no representations or warranties in connection to the accuracy or applicability of the information provided.