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Our mission is to help you make the best choices for your health.

Welcome to Red Light Therapy Digest, an award-winning resource for credible, fact-based, and up-to-date information on all red light therapy devices across the globe. Red light therapy digest is here to help you make confident and healthy choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Why Trust Red Light Therapy Digest

Our goal at Red Light Therapy Digest is to use the power of innovation and light to help people become stronger, more centered, happier, and ultimately healthier. We were founded on the never-ending quest to perfect the human body in order to make life as joyful as possible.

We believe in using the products we recommend just like you would—which is why we also make it a priority to test products in real-life.

Key Objectives

  • To help people new to the world of light therapy.
  • To help people understand what different types of light therapy is (and what it’s not), what it does, how it works and how they can get the most from a light therapy devices.
  • To help people find the best light therapy device for their budget and goals.
  • To support and educate users to ensure they’re getting the most from this advanced technology.

To achieve health and wellness, we think that balance is essential. Light is an integral component of human health, just like diet and exercise. Achieving a balance in today’s indoor, contemporary lifestyle is practically impossible, which is why we bring to you our curated product reviews and brand that features products for use at home by the entire family so you may benefit from light’s healing properties at any time of day.

We are dedicated to doing research, developing cutting-edge technology, and building the most secure, efficient light therapy.

In this process our Medical Expert Board which consists of board-certified physicians vets our articles and helps us expand our mission to make you confident in your next steps to better health.

Meet Our Medical Expert Board

Our team of experienced medical professionals join us in our mission to empower you to confidently take the next steps in your health journey—for yourself or a loved one. They ensure our content is medically accurate and reflects the latest in evidence-based research and health information.

The Medical Expert Board of board-certified physicians represents specialties.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process centers on aiming to ensure you understand what you’re reading and know how to use the information to make confident choices about your health. Our writers, editors, and fact checkers only use fact-based, up-to-date research and present it in a clear, judgement-free way that empowers you to take an active role in your health.

Our editorial team manages all of our content, which includes new articles on evergreen topics, coverage on the latest news, and updates to existing content to ensure our information is reflective of the latest research. The integrity of our content is a top priority. We are not influenced by advertisers in our coverage. We rely on current primary sources, including peer-reviewed studies and government institutions, to ensure our information is as up to date as possible, and applicable to real people.

Meet Our Team

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate information that you can rely on. Our team of editors, designers, developers, and more have experience, expertise, and passion for health content.

Meet some of our team below. They are just one part of our staff, which includes SEO experts, product managers, designers, developers, and sales and marketing partners.

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What We Cover

Light Therapy Related News
Is there a new red light therapy device about to be launched? Perhaps an upcoming event specialising in light therapy? You’ll find all of this and more at redlighttherapydigest.com

Product Reviews
All of the latest panels, lasers, masks and everything else light therapy related will be extensively reviewed – and compared – helping you find the best product for your needs!

Questions and Answers
We save the best for last – expect to find answers to all your questions about Light Therapy. And if we haven’t answered a particular question be sure to send it through our Contact Us form or post a comment on our YouTube Channel

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Our Editorial Process

Our expert team of writers starts by taking a deep dive into each product we review.

They use in-depth research and their professional experience to craft an easy-to-understand, honest review.

The goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your health – and to feel confident in doing so.

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