Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 20, 2023

Online privacy is paramount to us the same way it is to our consumers. In this binding document, we will give you our detailed privacy policy along with a description of the practice we use as regards the information that is gathered on the site. This segment contains the type of information we gather, and the way we manage it, and explains in detail user rights.

Understanding How Collection Of Information Is Done On

The Information You Give To US Willingly

There are various kinds of information that you may well decide to give us willingly. For instance, if you decide to sign up for our email newsletter, you will be requested to give your email address, name, and age to be sure that we are emailing our newsletter to the right person. You can also choose to give us your other personal information if you want to use our other site services like special promotions.

As, we also encourage interaction and community build-up, and it is for this reason that we may also ask you to provide us with your personal information willingly, to enable you to take part in our forum discussions. It is, therefore, vital not to share any information such as a physical address, banking information, or passwords that you would not want staff or community members to be privy to since our forums are usually public.

The cookie policy herein explains why and when cookies as well as other similar tracking technologies are utilized by us, our partners on our websites, advertisements, applications, and related services. Kindly refer to the Privacy Policy to find out more about the use of cookies as well as other tracking technologies available on Site and the means through which you can reach us for additional information.

Information Collected Automatically When You Visit

For us to be able to provide our visitors with the best user experience when they visit our websites, we have designed our system to automatically collect certain information. Some of the information likely to be collected includes cookies, IP address, operating system, web browser information, and clickstream data. Such information allows us to know how you use and navigate our websites. What is also automatically collected is the mobile device OS to ensure that our sites’ features are working well for you. It also provides us with vital user data to enable us better our websites as well as their features. As much as this information is available to us, third-party providers can also have access to it and we use it together with the information that you provide us willingly.

Our websites may also make use of cookies to be able to store valuable user data on the computers of our users. Cookies are tiny files that take up little space on your hard drive. However, these are files that you can easily delete from your computer. We may utilize HTML 5, Flash, and HTTP cookies to store information. Visit to learn more about cookies how they work and what they are utilized for. You are also free to refer to Your Choices, the subsequent section to learn how you can easily limit the number of cookies or block cookies on our websites altogether. However, note that doing so may cause some features on our sites to either misbehave or not function properly.

Web beacons also referred to as “Tags” may also be positioned on certain content and pages that we directly send to your email address. Just like cookies, web beacons are tiny files that help us to identify which pages our users have viewed and by which cookies. Using web beacons, we are also able to identify which users are visiting which pages, the number of different users frequenting our websites, the users navigating and utilizing our sites, plus which links in the emails we send are clicked.

Kindly note that in order to enhance our site’s overall experience; we also use the analytical services of our third-party users like Google Analytics. These services help us to analyze vital data that usually enables us to improve our websites.

Regarding “Do not track signals,” there are chances that our browser may be equipped with a “Do not track signals” setting option or other related variation. It is worth noting that at the time of publishing our Terms of Service, the precise definition of “do not track signals” is vague among industry authorities as far as such browser setting is concerned. The majority of sites, including ours, are not set up to meet the terms “do not track signals.” Learn more about “do not track signals” by following this link.

Finally, third-party firms that offer services on our websites (as plug-ins, widgets, app services, etc.), may also automatically gather user data when you decide to use such services. Please take note that the data collected using third-party services are subject to privacy policies separate from ours. Visit our third-party service providers’ sites to learn more about their privacy policies. You will find more information regarding tracking applications and data collection that we make use of in our Cookies Disclosure Section.

How We Are Likely To Utilize The Information We Collect

We have reasons why we gather certain types of data from our users. Here, we have listed the purposes for which we utilize cookies and other tools for collecting data. For instance, if you have a question for us that call for our timely response, we will make use of your email address.

Below are other reasons why we may collect user data when you visit our websites:

  • To bring to your attention any new services or to directly offer you the information you requested (emailing list). To offer you timely customer service as regards our services and site.
  • To present you with special offers based on how you use our sites as well as your interests.
  • To enable us to provide you with relevant ads, content, and promotions based on the data we gather on how you utilize our site and the type of articles you usually open.
  • To bring to your attention about promotions, special events, or changes to our services or websites and give you instructions on how you can take part or utilize the alleged information.
  • To improve our site based on statistical analysis on which features you interact with frequently and how you utilize our site. It also includes assessing certain marketing strategies’ effectiveness, and applications across sites, using pertinent user data to come up with new advanced features, and ensuring that our site is more useful to our users.
  • To examine the available data to analyze trends in our readership’s site utilization, removing features and pages that do not interest our users, financial analysis, market research, and user data anonymization.
  • To protect users against data theft, criminal, and fraudulent activities, and identify such threats so that they can be neutralized during site updates in the future.
  • To cooperate with law enforcement investigations, comply with federal statutes, and uphold the policies of our company.

How We May Possibly Share Your Information

Agents, vendors, third-party service providers, consultants, and other partners that we work with may be privy to the user data that we gather so that they can be able to fulfill their obligations to us. Despite the fact that they have access to the data we collect, they are all expected to comply with agreements that pertain to confidentiality and they are, therefore, totally forbidden from utilizing the said data in any other way apart from using it to offer us the services they are contracted for.

Furthermore, we may in some instances share data with:

  • Affiliate partners to lend us a hand with our business
  • Third parties for marketing purposes. The third parties may include social media outlet that you as our user has subscribed to and given informed consent to us). For example, we may do a cross-reference to your email address (consented to us by you) with other third parties (to which you have also consented your email) so that we can custom tailor offers for you via email and on our website.
  • Judicial bodies and Law enforcement. Should a time come when we are officially requested to share the collected data following a court order, we will be forced to comply with the law.
  • The belief is that the user data we collected could be of use in preventing financial loss or physical harm, or in compliance with authorities for identifying and prosecuting criminal activity.
  • Government agencies request the user data we collect. This may happen following matters of national security by which we would be compelled by law to abide.
  • Advertisers that we partner with to provide them with the necessary information they require to offer us the services we contracted them for and also use it to analyze our user base.
  • Any parties involved in the dissolution of, selling off of, or reorganization of the business. This may include either a partial or complete sale of our firm. In this case, we will take the responsibility of giving you notice in advance of such transfer of assets and data through a plain notification on our sites or email notification of any kind of transfer of ownership, including our user data transfer. In addition to notifying you, we will also take the liberty of letting you know the options you have as a user, regarding your personal data or information.

Data Retention and Access

Whenever you visit our website and utilize our services, we keep relevant data for the period necessary to offer you excellent services and a quality user experience. However, there are some instances where we may be compelled to store user data for longer periods. These instances, involve resolving disputes likely to arise with any third parties, abiding by applicable laws, and in other instances, assisting us to conduct business. Regardless of the instances, in which we may be compelled to store your data for much longer, we do respect your independence over your personal data, and if requested, we will request to verify your identity and whether we are in possession of or processing any gathered personal data. Note that you have the right to make changes or modify your personal data as it pertains to our company at will or to correct inaccuracies, request to remove personal information you willingly shared with us, and request that we stop using it. However, there are certain circumstances under which we may not be able to fulfill such requests: (1) violate legal statutes, (2) we have not yet concretely confirmed your identity, and (3) entails a disproportionate cost to us. Nonetheless, in any of these cases, we will still act appropriately to your demand in a timely manner, by offering an explanation of the situation. You are free to make such a request by contacting us directly at any time.

Your Options

Unsubscribing from email lists: There is an unsubscribe button or link at the bottom of the page in every email or newsletter we send via email. Clicking on that button or link will either direct you to a page with steps on how to unsubscribe or automatically unsubscribe you from our mailing list. The newsletters or emails we send may contain images, banners, or other forms of ad media from our advertising partners, or on their behalf, we may email you dedicated content from our advertising partners. Should you decide to opt out of such mailing lists or newsletters, we may share your decision with our affiliate third-party partners and advertising partners so that they also discontinue sending you content.

Block Cookies: Depending on the browser you are using, you may be in a position to block certain or all websites from saving cookies to your device. Please note that by blocking cookies on our websites, certain functions and features may misbehave or cease to be available.

Disabling local shared objects or “Flash Cookies”: In some instances, we may temporarily use files that resemble cookies but are kept in different components of your devices. The browser you use may also permit you to block HTML 5 local storage or erase certain data saved to your HTML 5 storage. For more information on how to delete information stored in the “local shared objects” destination and also how to fine-tune your settings on temporary files, follow this link.

Choices About Third-Party Ad Networks: As revealed in this Privacy Policy, we might from time to time share tracking technology data or cookies with third-party ad affiliates so as to get a better idea of your interests and bring you relevant content and better ideas that match your interests. You can, however, opt-out from receiving personalized ad or interest-based ad content by clicking here. Taking this step will not only stop ads from appearing in your browser or our website but also the ads you see will not be customized to your interests or based on our gathered data. Visit to learn more about third-party networks and related services and technologies. Also, get to know the options available you have on these matters or how to opt-out of these kinds of services by clicking here. Visit NAI’s site for information on additional options.

Our Way of Protecting Personal Information

Our Policy is to come up with and maintain strict physical, operational, and technical parameters in regard to the personal data you share with us. This ensures that we not only protect you but our company too against illegal, accidental, and unauthorized access, loss, or manipulation of data. Please note that even as we take strict measures to protect your personal information, it is not possible to guarantee the security of any data transmitted online and that by making use of our site and sharing your personal information with us, you will be responsible for some risk as is the case with any website, including our own. If you have any queries about data safety and the security measures we take, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also reach out to us to ask for the bug bounty program we offer. It is a user-connective plan where you are free to submit reports on existing or potential vulnerabilities on our websites.

Links From To Other Websites

On our websites, you will from time to time come across links directing you to other websites. By clicking on these links and navigating the corresponding websites, you will be subject to the third party’s terms of use and privacy policy, which we strongly recommend that you first review before navigating their websites. We are not responsible for the policies, terms of use, or content on these websites because we have no ownership rights or control over them.

Survey and Questions

While visiting our websites, you may be presented with the opportunity to take part in questionnaires, surveys, or other interactive activities that may require you to share some basic personal data or opinions. These interactive engagements are not compulsory (completely voluntary). Should you decide to participate, please be informed that some of these interactive engagements may be carried out by our third-party partners and, therefore, not subject to’s policies and terms of use. It means that the third party conducting the interactive engagement may collect the personal information you share and, therefore, subject to their Privacy Policy.

Children’s Privacy and our other sites are intended for use by adults and not children under the age of 16 years. It is, therefore, our policy never to collect information on children who are below the age of 16 years. In case we unintentionally or unknowingly collect data from a user below the age of 16 years and later become aware of this violation, we will erase any data or information collected right away.

Information For Users Not Residing In The United States

Any information that we collect including your personal data may be shared, processed, or shared in the United States and in other countries where our affiliate partners and service providers operate. Kindly, note that the data management laws and policies in these countries are likely to be laxer than the ones in your country of residence. The security of your personal data is paramount to us just as it is to you, and that is why we try our best to take meticulous safety measures and also put in place security mechanisms that will enable us to carefully handle international data transfer. We will transfer your personal data in line with all applicable data management laws and put in place stern security measures to guarantee the safe transfer of personal data without being breached by an unauthorized third party. A good example of the measures we will apply will be the use of the Model Claus put in place by the European Commission.

By sharing your personal data with us and by agreeing to use our sites, you thereby agree to our Privacy Policy’s terms in regard to the use, transfer, processing, and management of such information in the United States and other territories or countries. Unless clearly stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, we use this consent as a legal guide for the sharing of data.

If you wish to ask questions or want to learn more about inter country transfer practices and policies concerning your personal data from our website, you are free to contact us.

How We’ll Notify You Of Any Changes/Alterations to This Privacy Policy

We may occasionally review our privacy policy as well as terms of use to ensure that they comply with emerging law and also to echo the changes in our undertakings and how we gather data. Should we intend to implement such changes, we will send you a prominent post notifying you of any changes as well as the date to reflect the precise date such changes were made. We, therefore, encourage our users to refer to this page from time to time so as to be up-to-date with our latest privacy policies and terms of use.