Content Integrity

When it comes to making health choices, it is crucial to be sure that you are doing it right, and more so, to ensure that you get information from the right sources. We value honesty and the accuracy of the information we share. And for that, we just don’t say it, we want our readers to know how we compose our content, who does it, and all the standards we have set to ensure our content is authentic and verifiable.

Our Set Principles

To remain answerable, all our work is guided by set principles that allow us to create quality content, while at the same time allowing our readers to learn before making any health decision.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Reliability – Before deciding on any content direction we ensure there are enough scientific and verifiable sources that will make the article reliable. That is, all our articles are research-based and backed by shared test reports from approved sources.
  • Reader-Centric – All our work is tailored towards adding value and meeting the expectations of our readers. Our mission is to enrich our readers so that they can live healthier and happier and to achieve and maintain this, our content revolves around the latest research, scientific breakthroughs, and technologies to empower you to live your best possible.
  • Inclusiveness – We value diversity and for this reason, we do all it takes to ensure every reader feels included and covered in our content. We make our article easy to read as our readers came from different education levels, expertise, readership, and experience. Besides, we tailor our content to capture the needs of all people, from different nationalities, gender, family values, sexes, ages, and statuses.

Our Ethics

Any information we share here is purely meant to educate, and enlighten, and not to replace professional, or medical advice.

We publish and share content for information purposes and not to replace treatment options from specialists.

We follow strictly the laid Code Of Conduct set by Health On the Net(HON) and we have certification and recognition from them, we sculpt our content to suit the standards set by the Society for Professional Journalists’ foundation of ethical journalism. This foundation champions information accuracy, independence, authenticity, harm-free, transparency, and accountability.

Besides, we follow the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Please see the below for more info:

We have a standalone editorial department that regulates all content published on our site. Owing to the fact that there is constant evolution in the information because of technological and scientific improvements, we are open to change and therefore often adjust our opinion based on the latest antithetic research. Our articles feature peer-reviewed and scientific references to help show the available findings on a topic. In general, we are committed to only sharing what up-date studies confirm on the topics we choose.

We prioritize human-based scientific findings and research over animal testing wherever possible. However, in other cases, human trials are limited, in progress, or under approval. Where high-quality animal research is relevant and available, we include, and at the same time ensure to indicate the nature of the research and indicate it as such. Precisely, we consider animal research that offers unquestionable insight into the subject at hand.

Normally, we base our writing on proven methods and scientifically established treatment ways. However, sometimes or occasionally we may share experimental reports on treatments that are still in the processes of research when, or if we feel are relevant to our readers. In cases like this, we include disclaimers to let our audience know such, as well as keep tabs on any updates that warn the public or raise any concerns on the unproven methods.

Our Content Preference

As a rule of thumb, we care about reporting at all times and handle sensitive health topics with utmost care in the interest of protecting users against detrimental health-related decisions.

Our content producers are tasked to clearly indicate when an opinion is from an expert, with proven studies backing it, or scientifically support findings and take close care to ensure there is a healthy balance in the use of the content.

Our writers work independently and are not obligated to include biased content from any force or outside sources (company websites, blogs, videos, etc.) no matter the level of affiliation they may have with the party.

Our greatest commitment is to ensure accuracy in our article and content at large. Whether you access our content from social media sites, blogs, or search directly from google or other unlisted means, position of content accuracy remains our major goal.

It is easy to navigate our website and you can follow the shared links behind the tabs to visit your area of interest. You will also find hyperlinks that will take you to the websites we cite right within or below our content – in the sources section. The primary purposes of citation links are to help our readers understand better the topic at hand. For a source to be qualified as a citation reference, we ensure they are not only from authority sites but also from accurate and credible sources. These sources range from research journals, governmental hosted health directories, health agencies, medical organizations that are accredited, and physician’s journals among many other authentic international university directories that are accessible to the public.

Links that may lead to product purchase are well classified and are added to specified articles (you can see the details on how and why we recommend certain products below). We are careful not to add any links that can take our readers to disreputable websites. To us, sites that recruit people to be specimens for research, and those that sell prohibited or questionable products are illogical and disreputable and can neither win our trust nor linked up.

The Standards of Quality We Follow

  • Before any piece of content is published it goes through various editorial stages as it is being checked by our professional staff. This process allows us to scrutinize the articles while still in the draft status, to ascertain their accuracy, relevancy, verifiability, and quality and that is in line with our editorial principles and philosophy.
  • Only after our editors are fully convinced that an article meets our editorial threshold is when it published. This rigorous review process also applies to all our other media platforms to ensure our quality across the board.
  • In addition, every article gets reviewed independently by our editors. Our editorial team is tasked with making the final decision on any written content, not only in the draft state but also when published.
  • Our Review Board is comprised of board-approved and certified physicians. The same board checks our articles for claims made whether they are factual, science-approved, whether they are science-backed, and more, and when the content is confirmed, it is indicated as facked-checked, as well as placed any disclaimers if need be, or where necessary.
  • The quality assessment continues after the content is published. Our editorial team routinely goes back to re-evaluate all our live content to gauge whether they are up-to-date. If an update is needed this will be pointed out to the staff that needs to take action. The routine reviewers also flag areas of the content that need to be pulled down or replaced with new findings. Continuous checkup helps;
  • Our content remains statically correct
  • Portray our commitment to finding consensus with the medical professions and the ever-evolving research trends
  • Us uphold the guidelines placed by the official government agencies
  • Address consumer concerns, and any emerging questions on a topic that was not well clarified.

They will advise on;

Where exactly changes need to be affected, recommend edits, or if need be, point to where the editorial process should be re-done fresh.

After we implement the updates, the articles are marked to show the update dates near the top of the page. Independent professional freelancers who understand our editorial procedures are invited when needed to assist in updating the articles.

The other key members who help maintain the general quality of our site, content, text and image presentation, navigation, and so on include:

  • The Data Science Team – this group is tasked with searching and gathering the facts and details about content relevancy. They ensure every bit of content that is to be created is important to our audience.
  • Photo Illustrators and Editors – this team is involved with conveying our message through visuals. They create and edit images to help readers better understand the content through mind pictures and as well as light up readership. Just like the text, the photos and the illustrations are subject to review before approval by our quality check staff.
  • Quality Check and Control Team – our quality control is comprised of language editors, designers, and product managers, who help ensure our standards are achieved and maintained in every work we do. They also sit down to develop systems and useful self-edit policies that keep us within our Privacy Policy and mission.

Balance is what we ensure to keep to avoid a clash of interest between our nature of the content and advertising department. To maintain this, we have policy enforcers who work to promote strict adherence to our mission and set policies, as well as allow everybody to report any potentially emerging departmental conflicts.

Our Writers

Our process of choosing writers is strict and we are quite picky when deciding who joins our team. Some of the qualities we consider when deciding on the writers, we engage include professionalism, passion, and experience in the field. Our staff is comprised of nutritionists, approved health and wellness gurus, and licensed physicians.

We delight in stating that we are proud of our staff and this is because they are recognized authorities in theirs in their areas of specialization.

To further know any of our authors, and their areas of academic qualification, expertise, and experience, you can simply follow the link right below the title of the article you are reading. This link will take you to the writer’s bio, where you will also get to know about their accomplishments, both their professional and personal social media profiles, location, and more.

Experience is one key detail that we focus on, in our procedure for selecting our writers. This approach helps us pick professionals who already understand their field. Second, we prefer only select writers who have the ability to convey ideas with precision, simplicity, and clarity. As a requirement, our writers break down technical information into bits that ordinary readers can understand.

All our staff is obligated to stick to our mission statement and uphold our editorial guidelines with strictness.

Sponsored Content

Any content that is sponsored will always bear a tag that clearly identifies it as such. Sponsored Content posts also undergo our editorial process and only get approved for publication after successfully satisfying our editorial standards and set norms.


We embrace advertising to help cover our costs of operation, website maintenance, and other unavoidable expenses. Nonetheless, we have strict guidelines that regulate and help create a balance between ad generation and content generation. For more check our Advertising Policy on how we separate content categories, in this case, sponsored content and advertising content.

User experience is an area we care about and ensure this is maintained, our advertising is done in a manner that wouldn’t disrupt reading. As such, only a few ads selectively placed will appear on any target page.

Product Recommendations

The huge number of health products available online makes the process of choosing the right regimen harder. To ease up selection we recommend products that we believe may match the need at hand. This is in the quest to save you effort, time, and money off cause.

It is our commitment to always search out (online and off) to bring to your attention products that will be right for your well-being. At times we receive a commission when users click on our links and complete a purchase, but at no additional cost to the buyer.

To uphold our commitment and produce unbiased reviews, we keep the information regarding our affiliate partnership inaccessible to our writers. This leaves the writers with the choice of only picking the products that have all it takes to be featured, or on a merit basis. We don’t accept or request free products as samples, instead, we purchase them, as this gives us total freedom to offer insightful and trustworthy reviews.

A Product’s worth is the ultimate factor that we consider when making recommendations. This is done by our team who have in-depth experiences with products and are tasked with giving the most attention to reputable and responsible companies. Product worth can be influenced by many factors such as quality, price, and actual benefits. Top products are often better in quality and will likely cost more. Product availability is another detail that our editorial board checks, so that users don’t read reviews on something that is not always in stock.

Even after a list is long published on our website, it is revisited and analyzed at regular intervals to ensure that all the recommendations remain as per our standards and uphold our mission.

In case you or any of our readers you know have any comments, questions, suggestions or recommendations, we invite you to send us an email.

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