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The Healing Benefits of Red Light Therapy For Rosacea

This article highlights the advantages of using red light therapy to treat rosacea. The low-level red light stimulates cellular activity and boosts collagen production, effectively reducing rosacea symptoms and aiding in healing.

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Medically reviewedMedically reviewed by: Dr. Shari Sperling
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What is Rosacea?

You may have heard the term rosacea before, but do you know the details of this skin condition? Rosacea is a dermatological condition which shows up primarily on the face, in particular over the cheeks, nose, forehead. It may also appear on the chin, ears, or around the eyes.

Sometimes misdiagnosed as acne, this skin issue causes symptoms like redness and flushing, inflammation, pimples, and visible blood vessels. Dermatologist Dr Jason Thomson explains,

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that is a common cause of breakouts in adults. You may have had clear skin as a teenager and then develop breakouts in adult life. This may be due to rosacea and not acne, as is sometimes wrongly assumed [1].

While rosacea is difficult to cure, there are treatments that are effective in reducing the symptoms. According to Dr Thompson:

The treatment of rosacea is very much dependent on the individual’s features and symptoms and will consist of a combination of lifestyle factors, prescription creams (and tablets in some), rosacea-friendly skincare, and lasers. The aim of the treatment is to control the symptoms [1].

Is red light therapy good for rosacea? The research indicates that low level laser light technology can have an impact on decreasing the symptoms of this skin condition. You can go to a dermatology clinic for this treatment, but you can also use red light therapy for rosacea at home.

How Does Red Light Therapy Heal Rosacea?

As we described in our review of Kala Red Light, LED laser therapy functions by transmitting photons of light deep into the mitochondria of the cells, which stimulates ATP synthesis for higher levels.

This provides cellular energy the body, leading to a number of health benefits including the treatment of skin conditions like rosacea.

A review of the research published in Lasers in Medical Science by Elisabetta SorbelliniMariangela Rucco & Fabio Rinaldi cited evidence for the successful use of LED red light therapy for rosacea [2].

The technology helps to reduce inflammation, heals and repairs damaged tissue, decreases visible blood vessels, and prevents skin thickening. It also kills acne-causing bacteria to reduce pimples and prevent breakouts.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and Venereology by L E Bryld  and G B E Jemec showed that photodynamic therapy was beneficial in the treatment of rosacea in patients who suffered from the condition [3].


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Which Wavelengths Are Best for Rosacea?

There are several wavelengths of LED laser light therapy which offer healing benefits for the symptoms, including yellow, infrared, green, and red or blue light for rosacea.

A case report of two patients with rosacea published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports by Elisabetta Sorbellini, et al showed that a combination of blue and red light emitting diodes was safe, effective, and well tolerated [4].

Is Red Light Therapy Safe For the Skin?

The research indicates the red light therapy is safe for the skin, and there are few risks or associated side effects. However, you should not use this technology on your complexion if you have open wounds, lesions, or tumors.

If you’re uncertain, check with your dermatologist, and in fact it’s a good idea for anyone planning to use LED lights to treat a skin condition get approval from a physician first.

When you choose a LED light device or mask for treatment, ensure that the manufacturer is reputable and sells FDA cleared products. Manufacturing should take place in a safe facility, follow strict regulatory standards, and the device should have zero or very low EMF levels.

What Other Benefits Does Red Light Therapy Have For the Skin?

Red LED light therapy offers a wealth of benefits for the skin in addition to the treatment of dermatological conditions like rosacea. It boosts cellular renewal, helping to refresh the skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and unclog the pores.

This technology increases the synthesis of the proteins collagen and elastin, which firms the skin, makes it more elastic, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the complexion.

A study published in Photomedicine and Laser Therapy by Alexander Wunsch and Karsten Matuschka found that 30 sessions of combined red and infrared light therapy device increased collagen production and led to a significant reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and skin roughness [5]

Laser light also boosts levels of hyaluronic acid, which eliminates dryness and plumps the skin to further smooth the surface. In addition, LED light, primarily in blue wavelengths, decreases redness and swelling and kills acne causing bacteria to prevent breakouts.

Red light therapy may slow the production of melanin in the skin, which decreases age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. It also repairs damage to the skin barrier.

Red Light Therapy For RosaceaCommon Symptoms of Rosacea

What Are Some Additional Methods For Healing Rosacea?

If you have a serious case of rosacea, it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist for a treatment plan, which should ideally include low level laser therapy. Other treatments which can complement the benefits of the laser may include oral antibiotics, oral acne medication, or prescription topical creams.

In addition, there are some lifestyle methods you should try to help manage your condition. High on the list is staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent UV damage, and using a powerful SPF formula every time you do go outside.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, some people may have triggers which exacerbate their condition and lead to flare ups, so be aware of what these are for you and avoid them as much as possible [6].

Finally, if you suffer from rosacea, make sure the skincare you use is gentle, 100% all-natural, free of chemical or artificial preservatives, and suitable for sensitive skin. Apply products like cleansers carefully and do not overdo it by rubbing or scrubbing.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Q: Is Red Light Therapy OK For Rosacea?

A: Yes, there is a lot of evidence to indicate that red light therapy for rosacea at home or in a dermatology clinic is safe and in most cases quite effective at reducing symptoms and helping to manage the condition.

Q: What Color Light Therapy Is Best For Rosacea?

A: The colors that are most effective at healing rosacea include blue, red, yellow, green, and infrared. Red at 633 nm and infrared at 830 nm are likely the most successful, and blue light at 415nm is very helping at killing any associated bacteria, reducing inflammation, and clearing up pimples.

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Q: Are Red Light Masks Good For Rosacea?

A: Some experts state that the best at home light therapy for rosacea comes in the form of a LED light mask, as these devices work close to the surface of the skin to provide rich benefits particularly targeted towards dermatological conditions as well as hydration and anti-aging on the face. Have a look at our review of Derma Mask to see one of the top products for this purpose.

Q: Is Red or Blue Light Therapy Better For Rosacea?

A: You can use red or blue light for rosacea, but the ideal is to combine the two for optimal benefits. Blue light decreases inflammation and redness, kills harmful bacteria, and can lessen pimples and related issues.

Red light promotes cell renewal to eliminate some of the dead skin cells, repairs damage to the surface, hydrates by boosting hyaluronic acid levels, and boosts collagen and elastin for a tighter complexion with improved strength and elasticity.

Q: How Many LED Sessions Do You Need To Treat Rosacea?

A: The number of sessions required to treat the symptoms of rosacea is very much dependent on the individual, the seriousness of the condition, and the way your skin responds to the LED light.

Red LED light therapy for rosacea may take about 10 treatments average for some people, but for others it could take more. You may also require follow-up treatment on a regular basis to control further outbreaks of the condition.

A study in Dermatology Online Journal by Meagan McGinley, et al discussed patient perspectives on the use and effectiveness of low level laser therapy for rosacea [7].


Rosacea is a dermatological condition which leads to redness, flushing, pimples, and visible blood vessels on the face. It tends to appear after the age of 30, and is difficult to treat. One of the methods that demonstrates promise in healing the issue is red light therapy for rosacea at home or in a dermatology clinic.

There are a number of devices on the market which are suitable for this purpose, with the best at home light therapy for rosacea likely being a dermatological mask. A number of the red light therapy rosacea review posts for leading products cited amazing improvements in their symptoms.

When choosing a device or mask for the treatment of your condition, look for a leading manufacturer and a product that is FDA cleared. Ensure that the device has zero or low EMF levels, and that the manufacturing follows a strict safety protocol in production.

If you want to have a look at some of our top recommendations, read our article on the best led light for face on the market for a nice selection of products to heal your condition and promote improved skin health and rejuvenation.

By Dr. Shari Sperling

Shari Sperling, DO, is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in medical, cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatology for adults and children.

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