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How to Use Red Light Therapy at Home: Ultimate Guide

Learn how to effectively use red light therapy at home with our comprehensive guide. Find tips, techniques, and recommendations for maximizing the benefits of this powerful therapy in your own space

RedlightTherapyDigest Staff By RLTD Staff Updated April 5, 2024
Medically reviewed Medically reviewed by: Brendan Camp, MD
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Nowadays, when there’s a discussion on alternative treatment options for various health issues, red light therapy will always find a way to shine in such conversations. Besides, its numerous benefits and positive results on issues ranging from pain management, skincare and beauty, hair loss management, and in some cases weight management. The treatment is administered through the use of LED light-fitted devices that can be done at your home.

From its discovery in 1903, a journey to outer space, and several studies carried out by NASA; RLT effectiveness and benefits were confirmed. It led to the transition of this treatment therapy to spas and clinics administered by certified aestheticians and later made its way into our homes.

And, if you are here, it means you know red light therapy is so much more than a trend; the noise and all the buzz surrounding it is legitimate, factual, and backed by science. So, all facts checked we now want to answer the question, how do you use red light therapy at home?

Let’s dive into the article, and shine some light on what you need to know to get the best from your home-based red light therapy sessions.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Red Light Therapy Devices: Factors to Consider Before Purchase

You might have already purchased the right RLT device suited for your needs, but for anyone yet to buy one, we will briefly touch on some of the key factors to consider before buying a red light device.

Most red light devices don’t retail cheaply, it’s an investment that requires you to cross all t’s and dot all the i’s before getting one. Let’s take a look at some of the factors:

FDA Clearance

you want to pick a device that has been cleared and approved by the FDA, it goes a long way in assuring you of your safety when using the device. An FDA-cleared device means that the unit meets the quality standards


it applies to the strength of the rays emitted by the device when in use. Depending on your area of treatment, look at the wavelength strength of the device; each strength is meant to tackle and treat a specific condition


for you to see results, you’ll need to use a red light device consistently and regularly. Therefore, factor in your comfort when using the device

Design of Device

this also depends on the area you want to treat. For larger areas of the body, you might want to opt for panels, wraps, or belts but if your area of concern is the face you can get an LED mask


RLT devices available in the market vary according to the brand, and they all claim to provide positive results. To help you rule out some of them, you can choose devices from reputable brands that preferably have positive reviews


lastly, have a budget to help guide your decision. The prices of these devices vary, but with a focus on some of the other factors highlighted above, you will be able to get a unit that fits your budget

Using Red Light Therapy at Home: Tips and Steps

Most red light devices are easy to set up and use. With a few steps and tips, you should be able to utilize, optimize, and get the full benefits of red light therapy. These tips are:

Get the Right Device

Avoid getting the wrong device, depending on your needs ensure you get the right red light device. Pay close attention to some of the factors highlighted in the section above to help with this particular step.

Set-up Device Correctly

Even if you have used a red light device before, you will find out that with the kind of treatment they provide, the set-up of these devices might be different. Each unit comes with guidelines that you should apply when setting it up.

Minimize Clothing

You want the treatment area to be exposed to absorb the rays from the device. Covering the area with clothes, sunscreen or makeup will prevent the light from penetrating through. These items create a barrier that blocks the light from reaching the cells beneath your skin.

Protect Your Eyes

Just as you protect your eyes from exposure to UV rays from the sun, you will need to do the same during your RLT treatment sessions. To do this you place a device away from your direct line of sight or wear protective eye gear if the device is on your face.

Use the Correct Light Setting

Most red light therapy devices come with different light settings that allow you to change them as per your needs and target area. Some devices come with a function that can allow you to use two settings at the same time, these are great as they can tackle different conditions simultaneously. Depending on your need choose the right light setting.

Position and Use the Device Correctly

If the device you might end up using is a panel you will need to place it in an ideal position, not too close to your body. Ideally, the device should be placed at least 3 inches away. Additionally, the sessions have a particular recommended time of exposure. Most sessions take 10-20 minutes.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks that are associated with red light therapy?

Can I use red light therapy daily?

A: Yes, you can. Using red light therapy every day is ideal as it ensures consistency in your treatment sessions. You can reduce the length of the sessions to 5-10 minutes to avoid overexposure which can cause irritation or redness.

What is the best time for red light therapy sessions?

A: Red light therapy treatment can be done any time of the day ideal for you. Depending on what you are using it for you can opt for morning or evening sessions.


Medical grade red light therapy has gained considerable popularity with individuals looking for an alternative treatment option for various health issues. Treatment sessions with RLT devices will not only save you money as compared to going to spas/clinics, but they also provide convenience.

With the tips and information we have provided above you will get the full benefits of red light therapy. When using this type of treatment there are no known downsides or severe side effects. It’s non-invasive and can be used daily until you get the desired results.

Furthermore, individuals exploring the benefits of red light therapy may find valuable insights in the Arc Athlete Recovery Surge Regeneration Review. This review offers comparisons and perspectives, especially for those interested in athletic recovery and regeneration. Integrating information from such reviews can help individuals make informed decisions, enhancing their well-being and achieving desired results efficiently.


At RedlightTherapyDigest, we only use primary references for our articles, including peer reviewed medical journals or well-respected academic institutions.
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By Brendan Camp, MD

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