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3 Best Blackout Goggles of 2024: Your Eyes Protection Essential

Enhance the safety and effectiveness of red light therapy sessions with the best blackout goggles in 2024. Safeguard your eyes and optimize your red light therapy with the ideal blackout goggles for eye protection.

RedlightTherapyDigest Staff By RLTD Staff Updated May 21, 2024
Medically reviewed Medically reviewed by: Dr. Shari Sperling
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Today we have LED light technology which has been embraced by people and professionals alike. They are using these devices to treat, prevent, and manage a number of health issues. However, while the red light and infrared light emitted from these devices claim to be safe, the truth is that it is not safe for everyone. There are a category of people who are easily affected by LED light and the most affected part is the eyes.

People who use LED light to treat a variety of health issues need to take precautions. They should aim at protecting their eyes from the bright light being emitted from these devices. Experts recommend investing in high-quality total blackout goggles to protect the eyes from the effect of LED light. The blackout goggles are also designed to make you feel comfortable during light therapy treatment.

According to Eva Shamban, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Ava MD Dermatology and SKIN FIVE Clinics, light therapy treatment can lead to eye damage. She says that not all LED light is created equal and for this reason, proper precautions are necessary to protect the eyes. Dr. Shamban adds that some people may be vulnerable to retina damage which may lead to irreversible vision impairment or may accelerate peripheral vision loss. Thus, it is crucial to always protect your eyes during LED light therapy treatment.

What are Blackout Goggles for LED Light Therapy?

Blackout goggles eyewear for LED Light Therapy devices are designed to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of light during laser or LED light therapy treatment. Blackout goggles for LED light therapy are made using high-density material and are extensively utilized in the field of cosmetics and lasers.

The device blocks light wavelengths produced from infrared and red LED light panels. They are a great gift as they have proven to significantly reduce light stimulation to your eyes, making them feel comfortable and healthy.

According to a publication in Johns Hopkins Medicine Journal chronic effects such as cataracts, corneal damage, and muscular regeneration have been linked to UV exposure and can negatively affect vision. A condition like cataract is an irreversible condition and can affect your daily activities.

The Best Blackout Goggles of 2024

How We Picked

Science and Evidence

Science and Evidence

While blackout goggles have been recommended for use during LED light therapy treatment to protect the eyes from potentially harmful light wavelengths, not all meet the required protection standards. So, in our selection, we considered blackout goggles that are backed by scientific evidence to ensure that you are buying something that has been tested and proven to work. Red light devices backed by scientific studies also guarantee safety to the user.

Trusted Manufacturers

Trusted Manufacturers

Products from trusted manufacturers guarantee safety, and efficiency, and place a standard price tag on their items. They are keen on protecting their reputation and it is for this reason that they ensure that they offer consumers high-quality products. During our selection of our top picks above, we considered products manufactured by trusted manufacturers to guarantee quality and efficiency.

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

Getting a quality product at an affordable price ensures that you get value for your money. When doing our selection we made sure that the product we bring on board gives you a cost benefit. All our selected products above have standard price tags and are designed to offer you not just one benefit but a wide range of benefits.

Expert Recommended

Expert Recommended

Expert-recommended products are highly efficient, safe, and worth investing in. The products that experts recommend in most cases have been tested and clinically proven to work to give the intended results without or with minimal side effects. Most of the blackout goggles listed on our top picks above have been recommended by professionals, researchers, and even celebrities.

Our Choices For the Best Blackout Goggles of 2024

truelight calm eye shields

1. Truelight Calm Eye Shields

Best For: People with sensitive eyes.

Features: Blocks approximately 76% of blue and green light, UV 400 lenses that block 99% of UVA/UVB, Wrap-around styling for maximum coverage.

Price: $29.00
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These are eye shields designed to be used with TrueLight light therapy devices. They protect people with extra sensitive eyes by blocking blue and green light as well as UV rays. It’s wise to use these eye shields for extra protection because looking directly into any light can be uncomfortable for your eyes.

Pros & Cons


  • Protect sensitive eyes.
  • Lightweight design.
  • It comes with a storage pouch and cleaning cloth.


  • Only meant to be used with TrueLight devices.
  • May not be as effective at blocking light as heavier-duty eye shields.

More to Know

Target Areas: Eyes | Technology: UV 400 lenses | Benefits: Blocks approximately 76% of blue and green light | Session Duration: At the time of therapy
therapy lights black out goggles

2. Therapy Lights Black Out Goggles

Best For: Red light therapy, infrared light therapy, IPL therapy, LED light panels.

Features: Blocks over 99% of light, Suitable for wavelengths 190nm-2000nm, Static absorption rate over 99.9%, Blocks over 99% of UV rays.

Price: $129.95
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These are black out goggles designed to block light during light therapy treatments. They have a new design aimed at blocking even more light leakage around the edges for a more comfortable experience. The materials are high-density and extensively used in medical fields. The Therapy Lights Black Out Goggles are designed to protect the eyes from the bright light involved in red light therapy, cosmetic laser procedures, intense pulsed light, and LED panels. They have an optical density (OD) of +4 protection and are suitable for wavelengths ranging from 190nm-2000nm. The goggles come with a case and are available in black color.

Pros & Cons


  • Very effective at blocking light.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Suitable for a wide range of light therapy wavelengths.
  • Good value for money.


  • Individual head sizes/shapes may find them not as comfortable as other models.
  • Straps could be adjustable in smaller increments for better fit.

More to Know

Target Areas: Eyes | Technology: 99.9% UV rays absorption | Benefits: Blocks Intense pulsed light & LED panels | Session Duration: At the time of therapy
infrared light nz blackout goggles

3. Infrared Light NZ Blackout Goggles

Best For: Blocking infrared and red light for tanning and light therapy treatments.

Features: Flexible nose bridge and elastic headband for a comfortable fit, Blocks over 99.9% of UV-B rays and 99% of UVA rays.

Price: $15.90
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Industry-standard blackout goggles offer total block-out protection from red and infrared light. Designed for comfort with a flexible nose and slim fit. Recommended for use with bright infrared and red lights. The goggles are specially designed to offer maximum protection for high-pressure and standard UV tanning, as well as red light treatments. They come with a case

Pros & Cons


  • Very effective at blocking infrared and red light.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Affordable price.
  • Free shipping options.


  • Less comfortable for adjusting to different eye widths.

More to Know

Target Areas: Eyes | Benefits: Blocks over 99.9% of the UV-B rays | Session Duration: At the time of therapy

How Do Blackout Goggles for LED Light Therapy Work?

As noted in our content titled GembaRed Groove Red & NIR LED Light Panel Review, in most cases LED light therapy treatment is safe for most body parts.
Nevertheless, some studies have pointed out the possibility of it causing varying degrees of eye damage to some users. For instance, long-term exposure to LED light or in precise, light-emitting diodes has been found to accelerate peripheral vision impairment or lead to irreversible vision loss.

A study in the American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, by Bell Telephone Laboratories, recommends wearing eye protection for red light therapy blackout goggles whenever you are undergoing either laser treatment or LED light therapy to protect yourself from potential eye damage.

Blackout goggles for light therapy work by shielding your eyes from harmful rays emitted by LED light devices.

They are designed with oversized shield fit which plays the role of covering the orbital region where they block all potential degenerative or harmful rays getting to your eyes. They provide a denser barrier of light protection.

The blackout goggles also work to ensure that there is enough dimming during whole-body light therapy to prevent the intensity coming from LED light from causing damage, interference, or discomfort.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Blackout Goggles for Light Therapy

Before purchasing a product, it is worth putting into consideration a number of key factors that make it stand out from the rest. In our search for the best blackout goggles for LED light therapy treatment, we decided to take into consideration a number of key factors before coming up with our above-top picks. These factors are explained below:

1. Effectiveness:

Efficiency is one of the key factors you need to consider when selecting blackout goggles. Protecting your eyes from damage is very crucial and for this reason, you need a device that will work to help you achieve this health benefit without failing. Our top picks above have been designed to provide your eyes maximum protection from the damaging effect of LED light.

2. Comfort:

Everyone deserves some level of comfort during LED light therapy treatment or laser treatment. Comfort ensures that nothing interferes with the treatment process and you are able to get the most health benefits without feeling uneasy when wearing the glasses. When selecting our top picks above, we ensure that the blackout goggles we choose are designed to offer some level of comfort.

3. Flexible Nose Bridge:

People do not have similar shapes of noses. That is why when selecting our blackout goggles above, we made sure to choose one with a flexible nose bridge so that you can easily adjust for perfect fitting.

4. Design:

People have different preferences when it comes to design. There are those who prefer goggles with firm rubber while others may prefer goggles with moulded edges. So, when selecting our top picks above, we thought of selecting different designs to provide you with varied options.

What Specific Benefits Do Blackout Goggles for LED Light Therapy Offer?

Blackout Goggles have been scientifically studied and found to offer a number of benefits during LED light therapy and Laser treatment. We did our research and noted the following benefits:

1. Blocks Potentially Harmful Rays:

LED light most affects the eyes which hosts cornea a sensitive segment of the eye. When the cornea is exposed to ultraviolet light for long, it is likely to result in irreversible vision impairment or accelerate peripheral vision loss.

According to a publication in the International Journal of Ophthalmology by Hideki Fukoka et al, the cornea absorbs much light during UV exposure and UV light protective contact lenses have been scientifically proven as the best method of protecting the eyes from UV light exposure.

2. Reduces Light Brightness:

Brightness from LED light during treatment can be irritating, especially to those people who detest bright light. Blackout goggles are designed to make the light appear dim so it does not affect their eyes.

According to an article published in the New York Times by Kaitlyn Wells and Zoe Vanderweide notes that light light-blocking glasses have a number of benefits like reducing brightness and may also help you sleep better afterward.

3. Provide Comfort:

LED light can make some people feel uncomfortable during treatment and this may interfere with the treatment. Blackout goggles are, therefore, designed to ensure that you get optimal benefits from the LED light therapy treatment by preventing the discomfort that comes from LED light.

A research study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science by researchers Seulki Hand and Daehee Lee notes that light-based therapy can make patients experience anxiety and feel depressed so wearing blackout goggles during therapy blocks the harmful light to prevent depression making the patient more comfortable.

Protecting Your Eyes Beyond Red Light Therapy

When engaging in red light therapy, protecting your eyes is crucial to prevent any potential harm from the bright lights used in the process. This is where blackout goggles come into play, ensuring complete blockage of the therapy light to safeguard your vision. However, it’s also important to consider eye protection outside of red light therapy sessions, especially against harmful blue light from screens and digital devices.

For more comprehensive eye protection, including ways to shield your eyes from blue light exposure, check out our guide on the best blue light blocking glasses. These glasses can help reduce eye strain, improve sleep quality, and protect your eyes from the long-term effects of blue light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Blackout Goggles for LED Light Therapy Work?

How Frequent Should You Use a Blackout Goggle for LED Light Therapy?

A: Experts recommend wearing blackout goggles every time you are in LED light therapy treatment to guarantee eye protection. Dr. Shamban insists that you should not undergo any type of light laser treatment or light therapy without them. For optimal eye health, she says you should keep your eyes closed during treatment even with the blackout goggles on.

Are Blackout Goggles for LED Light Therapy Safe?

A: Blackout goggles for LED light therapy are safe. However, because of the possibility of imitation, there is a possibility that some devices may not be safe and may also not work efficiently to offer the claimed results. If you intend to buy a red light therapy or under laser treatment, experts recommend that you go for FDA-approved blackout goggles. Such devices’ safety and efficiency have been determined and rest assured that you will be using a device that is efficient and safe.


The cornea is a transparent fragment of an eye covering the pupil and iris. The cornea is very sensitive and exposure to bright light can damage it, especially when the exposure is long-term. Damage of the cornea has been to accelerate peripheral vision loss or cause irreversible vision loss. However, there is no need to let the possibility of eye damage deny you a chance to enjoy the benefits of laser treatment or LED light therapy treatment when we have prevention options in place.

We have the best blackout goggles for red light therapy purposely designed to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of LED light. They work by blocking the light from getting through your eyes and ensuring that you experience total comfort during the LED light therapy treatment period.

So, if you have been avoiding red LED light therapy or laser treatment for fear of eye damage, worry no more. We have the best-LED blackout goggles to help you experience the optimal health benefits of laser and or LED light therapy treatment without worrying about your eyes. Our top picks above have been carefully selected while putting into consideration all the important features to guarantee optimal results. We are confident that by selecting any of our blackout goggles above, you will be able to experience the best results. They will work to protect your eyes as you enjoy the optimal health benefits of LED light therapy treatment.

By Dr. Shari Sperling

Shari Sperling, DO, is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in medical, cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatology for adults and children.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

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