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Red Light Therapy for Pregnancy: Its Positive Impact on Fertility

Unlock the potential of red light therapy for the pregnancy journey as it promotes fertility and a healthy journey. Learn about its positive impact on reproductive health.

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Fertility and pregnancy are issues that are deemed sensitive, and most people shy away from engaging in conversations around these topics. Thankfully, the internet and social media have allowed these conversations to be heard and shared.

These conversations have made it easier for individuals to open up and seek the help they need rather than sit in uncertainty and despair.

“Fertility is often defined as the ability to reproduce or produce offspring,” says Amy Roskin, M.D., board-certified OB-GYN and chief medical officer of Seven Starling.

One of the critical factors you’ll hear in any fertility and pregnancy conversion is age, weight, and nutrition. Experts believe that the more a woman ages, the lower the chances of her getting pregnant. The same applies to men’s fertility; the older a man gets, the less fertile they become.

The beauty of modernization is that there are many ways to improve anyone’s fertility and chances of getting pregnant other than observing a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements, and having a balanced diet. One of them is red light therapy for fertility and pregnancy.

Can Red Light Therapy Help With Fertility And Pregnancy?

While age plays a crucial role in fertility and pregnancy, other factors like proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and other forms of treatments and therapies can help. Red Light Therapy is one of the latest therapies that’s claimed to help with fertility and pregnancy.

According to Laser Medicine’s health guide, Red Light Therapy is considered an effective ancillary IVF treatment suitable for promoting cellular health, essential in improving organ and tissue health.

Red Light (620-670nm) in short treatments is known for its ability to biostimulate the mitochondria of reproductive cells in both men and women. It also improves the spermatozoa’s survival and movement, improving fertility and the chances of conception.

Overall, Red Light Therapy boosts blood circulation and reduces the risk of oxidative damage to cells, promoting healthy cells and tissue health.

benefits of red light therapy pregnancyBenefits of Red Light Therapy Pregnancy | Source: Redlightman.com

How Does Red Light Work For Fertility And Pregnancy?

Red Light Therapy for fertility and pregnancy uses different types of wavelengths on other body parts to penetrate targeted areas for effective treatment.

“With red light therapy, you expose an area of your body to a specific wavelength of red light emitted by a device that can range in size from handheld to whole-body,” says Casey Kelley, M.D., founder and medical director of Case Integrative Health.

“Essentially, the red light stimulates your cells to work at a higher level.”

We’ve looked at a Japanese study that insisted on using red light therapy on the neck, targeting the brain, which is known to be the primary hormone regulator and coordinates with other body organs effortlessly. According to this Japanese study, researchers used 830nm near-infrared light on the neck of infertile Japanese women to achieve hormonal and metabolic balance across the whole body and the reproductive system, thus improving fertility and enhancing the chances of conception.

Another study focused on light penetration around the abdomen, where the primary target is the woman’s eggs and optimizing the environment for reproduction and fertilization. According to the study, red light therapy improves egg health, gene expression, and embryo transfer success, increasing the pregnancy success rate in females.

In men, Red Light Therapy at 655nm is believed to improve sperm count, quality, motility, and reproductive health. Therefore, when Red Light Therapy is administered at the correct wavelength and intensity, it is effective for enhancing fertility both in men and women.


Infraredi Red

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How Red Light Therapy Helps Male And Female Fertility

Red Light Therapy improves organ and tissue health at the cellular level, enhancing oxygenated blood flow to the female and male reproductive organs and improving fertilization and sperm quality. Improved egg and sperm quality is ideal for a successful IVF process and enhancing conception.

red light therapy for fertility menRed Light Therapy for Fertility Men | Source: Redlightman.com

What Do Scientific Studies Say About Red Light For Fertility And Pregnancy?

Red Light Therapy’s health benefits have been studied for decades, including its effectiveness in helping with fertility and pregnancy. The studies offer evidence of Red Light Therapy’s effectiveness in helping with fertility and pregnancy by enhancing the health of cells and tissues, boosting sperm count and motility, and improving chances of conception. However, there’s no adequate research on the safety of Red Light Therapy for pregnancy; thus, we recommend speaking to your healthcare provider before use if you’re expectant. These research and studies also show that Red Light Therapy is suitable for improving fertility status in both men and women.

  • A research study was conducted on Japanese women with severe infertility to establish the effectiveness of Red Light in improving the chances of getting pregnant. The results show that using red light at 830 nm, LLLT achieved a pregnancy success rate in 16 patients, of whom 11 achieved successful live delivery.
  • Another study showed that exposure to photobiomodulation significantly affected human spermatozoa motility and DNA integrity, thus promoting fertilization and enhancing the chances of conception.
  • According to Laser Medicine Health Journal, Red Light Therapy enhances mitochondria health. It boosts the overall function of cells and tissues, which translates to improved blood circulation and organ health, essential in reproductive health and fertilization. The journal also highlights the benefits of Red Light Therapy in effectively improving egg and sperm quality.
  • We also found a study focusing on Red Light Therapy for the brain by targeting the light on the neck. The brain is the critical communication and regulation organ that communicates with the body to balance hormones, creating a favorable environment for fertilization. Besides regulating hormones, it also helps reduce stress levels, which adds to fertility and pregnancy matters.
red light therapy for fertility womenRed Light Therapy for Fertility Women | Source: Redlightman.com

What Side Effects Should You Expect?

Red Light is entirely safe, unlike other types of light, such as UV rays. Therefore, there’s little to no risk of side effects associated with its use if safety measures are observed. However, too much exposure to Red Light may cause skin irritation, burns, and discomfort.

It’s also essential to seek professional advice if you’re pregnant or have underlying health issues before starting a light treatment.

“It’s always best to have another set of eyes whenever you’re adding something new into your wellness regimen,” says Dr. Kelley, M.D., founder and medical director of Case Integrative Health.

We’d also recommend you get the Red Light Therapy done by a professional or under the guidance of a professional if you want effective results, especially when pregnant.



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Is Red Light Therapy for Pregnancy Worth It?

As much as Red Light Therapy is relatively new and considered an ancillary treatment for fertility and pregnancy, there’s evidence that it works and is effective in supporting reproductive health. Several studies show that it complements IVF treatments and improves fertility in both men and women. Thus, it also enhances the chances of conception.

Red Light Therapy is painless and non-invasive, which makes it a favorable option. It also has additional health benefits for the body, such as improving skin, brain, and organ health. Hence, it has much more to offer than primary basic alternative therapies, making it worth your coins and time.

It’s also good to note that results may vary from one individual to another; thus, you should keep your expectations realistic as much as we agree that Red Light Therapy is effective and worth it.

“Have realistic expectations, knowing that red light therapy might have great results for you and it also might not,” said Dr. Bodemer.


Hooga Red

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Use Red Light Device For Fertility?

A: The best way to use Red Light for fertility is according to how you’ve been instructed by your health practitioner or under their professional guidance.

Can Red Light Therapy Help You Get Pregnant?

A: According to experts, Red Light can help you get pregnant, as there have been many success rates.

Is Red Light Good For Pregnancy?

A: Red Light is suitable for pregnancy if used effectively and under professional guidance to eliminate potential risks.

When Is The Best Time To Start Red Light Fertility Therapy?

A: The best time to start is whenever you’re ready, preferably when you want to enhance your reproductive health as you prepare for conception.

How Long Does Red Light Therapy Take For Fertility?

A: Results vary from person to person and depending on how your body can respond to Light Therapy and the magnitude of your fertility issues.

Does Red Light Help With Egg Quality?

A: According to several studies, yes, Red Light helps improve egg quality and improves chances of fertilization.


Matters regarding fertility and pregnancy can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure of the treatment and therapy options available. Thinking of the cost associated with fertility and pregnancy treatments or therapies doesn’t help either. That’s why finding something relatively affordable and works is so relieving.

Red Light Therapy is a novel treatment option for fertility and pregnancy. Although it has been categorized under assisted reproductive technology as IVF, it’s more affordable and easily accessible.

This research article has covered everything you need to know concerning Red Light Therapy for fertility and pregnancy. We found several studies and scientific evidence supporting that Red Light helps in fertility and pregnancy. However, we recommend you talk to a health professional before incorporating light into your treatment.

As you navigate the complexities of fertility and pregnancy, consider exploring the ROJO Therapy 3000 Review for insights into the latest advancements in red light therapy technology. With continued research and innovation, alternative therapies like RLT hold the promise of supporting individuals on their path to parenthood.

By Dr. Konstantin

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