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Red Light Therapy for Heart Health: Benefits, Causes, Side Effects.

This article helps you understand the use of red-light therapy in maintaining and improving heart health, as well as highlights devices that deploy the red-light technology to cater to heart health conditions like stroke and heart attacks.

RedlightTherapyDigest StaffBy RLTD Staff Updated December 8, 2023
Medically reviewedMedically reviewed by: Michele S. Green, MD
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Heart illness and stroke are among the most prevalent diseases in recent decades. According to research conducted by the American Heart Association, on average, at least one person dies every 3 minutes and 33 seconds in the United States as a result of stroke. In addition, every 40 seconds, a person in the United States experiences a myocardial infarction. These statistics are worrying considering that 3 out of 10 US citizens suffer from high blood pressure.

Ensuring that blood pressure is maintained at a normal range is vital because this reduces incidents of heart attacks and prevents premature deaths. Cardiovascular health is generally crucial as it ensures longevity and well-being. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you are physically active and able to maintain a healthy diet as they are key components that can guarantee you quality and long life. However, while adjustment to lifestyle with nutrition, food, exercise, and alternative treatment can support healthy blood pressure, red light therapy treatment, and other biological therapies have been seen as the first line of treatment approaches for hypertension.

According to the Wellness Community, there has been increasing demand for therapeutic supportive modalities as well as nutrition and workout routine plans to boost heart health and the overall well-being of the body. Fortunately, today we have a wide range of options for managing cardiovascular health from the comfort of our homes without spending much. It is actually relieving to know that there are preventive measures available for chronic heart health disease like the use of red-light therapy treatment which requires minimal investment.

Researchers Xinlu Gao, Wenwen Zhang, Fan Yang, Wenya Ma, and Benzhi Cai note that Phototherapy is an innovative treatment that has shown greater effectiveness on skeletal muscles, nerves, skin, and other tissues. They also say that there is growing evidence of phototherapy having a number of positive effects on heart health, making it a therapeutic strategy for myocardial infarction treatment.


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Can Red Light Therapy Help with Heart Health?

While health approaches like eating healthy and nutritious food and exercising regularly can help reduce heart health risks, red light therapy treatment and other biological therapies have been seen as the more efficient approaches to managing heart health-related risks.

Red light therapy treatment is seen to be part of a healthy lifestyle because studies show that it can effectively promote cellular function, crucial for improved blood circulation in the body. Proper blood flow is vital because it prevents hypertension, one of the major causes of strokes and heart attacks.

How Does Red-Light Therapy Work to Improve Heart Health?

As we documented in our article for Best Infrared Saunas, various studies have shown that body exposure to red light therapy at the right wavelength can effectively support the proper function of major body organs including the heart. The founder and medical of Case Integrative Health Casey Kelley, M.D., says that red light therapy works to trigger the mitochondria also known as the body cell powerhouse. The mitochondria are said to boost the energy center of the cells, helping the cells to perform their jobs. Dr. Kelley says that light therapy awakens the body cells so that they can get the body functioning.

Blood pressure has been found as the major cause of heart health and experts believe that if one is able to maintain his or her blood pressure at the normal range, will reduce cases of heart attacks and stroke. Red light therapy combined with exercise and a healthy diet can improve weight loss and proper blood flow in the entire body including the heart. Proper circulation of blood in the blood veins and especially the arteries can highly guarantee a healthy heart.



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What Do Scientific Studies Say About Red-Light Therapy And Heart Health?

A number of studies have been conducted to examine the benefits of red light therapy in reducing inflammation. The results of the studies show that there is substantial evidence of red light therapy being an anti-inflammatory treatment option for managing various health conditions including heart disease. Below are what some scientific studies have been able to establish about red light therapy and heart health.

  • A research study published in Science Daily shows that red light therapy can help reduce scarring associated with heart attacks. When applied to the cells a few hours after a heart attack the scarring known to weaken the heart muscles reduces significantly by 80%.
  • A study was conducted to establish the effect of red-light therapy on heart health as published in Scientific Reports. Results showed that red light therapy had consistent favorable effects. Reduction in scarring, lower inflammation, and improved tissue degeneration was witnessed after exposure to a variety of wavelengths.
  • Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells and most of them are packed in the heart. Anything noted to enhance the health of mitochondria always leads to greater cellular energy, leading to the heart’s optimal functioning. A research study published in Laser in Surgery and Medicine found out that when red light therapy penetrates into the bone marrow (area packed with stem cells) these stem cells are able to respond to the distress signal of the heart. The healthy blood circulation that results from red therapy, therefore, repair and support the heart leading to the effecting functioning of the heart as well as other major body organs.
  • A publication in Podiatry Today notes that red light therapy may have the ability to modify cellular metabolism and also influence a number of intracellular biochemical cascades known to directly alter the behavior and function of cellular. According to the research, it is also possible for the nerves and blood vessels to use the same signals to distinguish, navigate, and thrive towards their role in the body and hence could respond to a treatment like red light therapy.
  • A research study was conducted to establish the effect of combining red light therapy treatment with exercises such as aerobic and resistance training on heart health as published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology: B Biology. The researchers concluded that red light therapy treatment when combined with exercise can be a great therapeutic tool for controlling obesity along with its comorbidities.


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What Side Effects Should You Expect?

A Pennsylvania-based board-certified dermatologist, Schweiger Dermatology Group Dr. Erum Ilyas and a founder of Future Bright Dermatology in New York and assistant clinical professor at Weill-Cornell Medical College Dr. Elaine F. Kung say that red light therapy treatment has rare major side effects.

But according to a board-certified dermatologist based in New York Dr. Debra Jaliman, you should avoid red light therapy if are sensitive to light. Dr. Casey Kelly warns pregnant women from using red light therapy treatment because conclusive studies on its safety usage during pregnancy are yet to be determined.

Is It Worth It?

A number of scientific studies have been carried out and most of the findings show that there is evidence that red light therapy treatment offers a range of health benefits including proper function of major body organs including the heart. According to experts, red light therapy treatment for heart health does help the body to stay healthy by ensuring that the blood pressure is maintained and the normal range to avoid health conditions like hypertension known to cause health risks like stroke and heart attacks.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How Should I Use My Red-Light Device to Treat Heart Health?

A: Red light therapy treatment devices come in varied usage directions. Since each device is usually accompanied by a usage information leaflet from the manufacturer, we recommend reading the usage instructions carefully before using the device. If you are not sure about the usage directions, you can also consult your doctor for more insight on how you should use the device.

Q: What Specs Should I Consider in a Heart Support Red-Light Device?

A: According to experts, red light therapy can be effective if appropriate parameters are applied during the administration. To ensure efficiency and safety, experts recommend that you consider the following:

  • Specific Wavelength (Color): Some types of light like ultraviolet and laser-produced light can sometimes cause harm to the body. While some may be harmless, others may be less effective. It is, therefore, important to research and get to know the ideal wavelength that can effectively treat or help you manage your heart health concerns. A device that you can adjust to get the right wavelength is worth considering.
  • Intensity (Dose): Intensity dose is also worth putting into consideration when buying a red light therapy device. Experts have noted that a well-adjusted and low-dose near-infrared red light applied in non- non-thermal manner can offer optimal heart health benefits.
  • Exposure Duration: Various studies have shown that long-term exposure to a low-dose near-infrared red light may be of benefit the heart and also ensure longevity. For optimal results, experts recommend considering a red light therapy with exposure duration information.

Q: Should I Expect Immediate Results When Using Red-Light Device to Improve Heart Function?

A: According to experts, the time it takes to see the results after red light therapy exposure is dependent on what you are treating. Some conditions such as pain and inflammation may not be visible but the changes can be felt after a short time. A publication in Hellen Tylor Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic notes that multiple red light therapy treatment sessions may be required in order to achieve desirable results.

Some users who have used this treatment option say that they were able to see real results after using the device for about 4-7 weeks. Several experts have also noted that it will take a user approximately one month before he or she can start seeing or experiencing results. They advise not to give up but rather stick to the treatment routine until you can achieve remarkable health improvement.


Maintaining a healthy heart is vital because it enables you to live quality and a longer life. However, due to lifestyle and other factors, people find it difficult to keep their heart health in check. Lucky enough there are a growing number of state-of-the-art therapy treatments like red light therapy that have proven to effectively support some health conditions including heart health compared to other traditional treatment methods

Various scientific studies have supported the use of the red light therapy treatment approach, especially on heart health claiming that it is one of the fastest and effective approaches for managing various health conditions including stroke and heart attacks. The treatment has also been supported by experts and a good number of users including celebrities who said that using red light therapy treatment addresses not just the targeted health concern but comes with other health benefits to ensure the body’s overall wellbeing.

Learn more about the Insight of red light therapy for blood flow as it plays an important role in considering heart health and reducing cardiac attack.

By Michele S. Green, MD

Michele S. Green, MD is a world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist based in the Upper East Side of NYC.

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