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5+ Best Red Light Therapy Bulbs of the Year 2023

In this article, we’ll discuss the red light therapy light bulbs, and tell you our expert-recommended choices for the best brands on the market today. These red light bulbs benefit health as well as skincare.

RedlightTherapyDigest StaffBy RLTD Staff Updated October 31, 2023
Medically reviewedMedically reviewed by: Brendan Camp, MD
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Overview: What Are Red Light Therapy Bulbs?

Red light therapy devices are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, from large full body panels to portable products and individual bulbs which include one or several LED lights.

You can buy single bulbs to make a red light therapy room in your home, or use one as a portable device for targeted treatment. They are available in different colors and wavelengths, such as red, near infrared, blue, yellow, green, and amber, and the benefits vary depending on the specific wavelength.

Janis T. Eells, Ph. D explains the basic functioning of LED light therapy:

Light can speed up the respiration process in cells and increase ATP and other mechanistic factors. You stimulate cellular energy, and you stimulate the body’s ability to repair [1].

Red light therapy bulbs offer numerous health benefits like decreasing pain and inflammation, healing wounds and injuries, rejuvenating the skin, speeding up muscle recovery, and improving mood and cognitive functioning.

In this review we’ll look red light therapy bulbs in detail, and give you our list of the best products on the market today as selected by our team of health and technology experts.

How Do Red Light Therapy Bulbs Work?

Red light therapy bulbs work by delivering photons of LED light at different wavelengths to the mitochondria of the cells, increasing levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

As we said in our review of Hooga Red Light Therapy, this provides cellular energy to the entire body for a wide range of health benfits.

A scientific article published in Life Sciences by Dr Priyom Bose discussed the use of deep red light to enhance mitochondrial function [2].

While most bulbs use either red or infrared light or a combination, they are available in other colors and wavelengths as well like green, amber, yellow, and blue. Each offers specific benefits depending on the wavelength and depth of penetration.

Near infrared light runs from about 750-900nm, and it penetrates deeply for profound healing, decreased pain and inflammation, improved mood and brain heath, better athletic performance and recovery, and more.

A review in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B by Shang-Ru Tsai, PhD and Michael R Hamblin, PhD explored the biological impact and medical applications of infrared radiation [3].

Red light runs from about 600-750 nm, and penetrates less deeply. It’s best for healing small wounds and skin anti-aging. Red light stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin, making it firmer, plumper, more elastic, and smoother of wrinkles and fine lines. It also boost cell turnover and rejuvenates the complexion.

When combined with near infrared, red light offers more potent healing properties. Blue light decreases inflammation and kills bacteria, and works well to lessen and prevent acne breakouts.

A study by Michael H Gold, MD, et al in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology showed the efficacy of blue light therapy in healing mild to moderate acne [4].

Colors like green, amber, and yellow offer benefits like boosting skin radiance, decreasing redness, getting rid of hyperpigmentation, and balancing skin tone.

The Best Red Light Therapy Bulbs of 2023

How we picked

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

We evaluate every product based on the features and benefits it has to offer for the price to assess its value for cost, and we only recommend products with high cost benefit.

Trusted Manufacturers

Trusted Manufacturers

All of the brands that our team of experts recommends are from well known companies which have an excellent reputation for making high quality, safe red light therapy at home devices.

Science and Evidence

Science and Evidence

We only recommend products which have scientific studies and clinical research supporting their efficacy, quality, and safety.

Expert Recommended

Expert Recommended

The products we select as best in the market are all highly recommended by both independent experts in the field and the professionals on our own team.

hooga hg 24 4-in 1 color therapy bulb

1. Hooga HG 24 4-in 1 Color Therapy Bulb

Best For: Skin Rejuvenation

Features: Clinically proven wavelengths of 415nm, 590nm 660nm, 850nm; 12 individual 2W LEDs; 30 degree beam angle.

Price: $40.00

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The Hooga 4-in-1 Light Therapy comes with a handheld device that uses 4 different colored bulbs to work around and rejuvenate your skin. While the Red (660 nm) and NIR (850 nm) help in skin stimulation and collagen excretion to smoothen your complexion, the Blue (415 nm) and Yellow (850 nm) bulbs reduce inflammation and enable fading of dark spots respectively. The device is safe and effective for all skin types and is easy to use at home.

Pros & Cons


  • Handheld medical grade device used for targeted treatments.
  • Clinically proven wavelengths of 415nm, 590nm 660nm, 850nm.
  • 2-year warranty, 60-day trial period.


  • Results may vary according to skin type.
  • Usage should be at the consumer’s discretion.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Reduces inflammation, Rejuvenates skin | Session Duration: Between 2-15 minutes, Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User Arizona Sparky explains:

I’ve purchased more than one of the red / NIR bulbs for myself & other people. I use it regularly, not daily. I used to manage a derm practice where we had a $50,000 light machine for various skin concerns. We charged per visit for treatments with that device. I feel I’m getting terrific value for my own needs by owning this affordable device.

red light man red light mini 670

2. Red Light Man Red Light Mini 670

Best For: Precise Light Radiation

Features: Uses the best red light therapy, hand-held or easily mountable, narrow beam angle for high penetration.

Price: $148.72

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The Red Light Mini 670 is a powerful red light therapy device, known for its precise narrow band of light radiation. It uses 12 LEDs which are specifically chosen as per changing wavelengths. At a maximum range, this product can cover a circular area with a diameter of 40cm. The product is also designed keeping in mind the eye health of the user, and can also help cure specific conditions such as Glaucoma, AMD, etc.

Pros & Cons


  • Potential life span 50,000+ hours.
  • Includes free power cord.
  • Accepts worldwide voltages.


  • Results may vary as per skin type.
  • Some skin types might be susceptible to skin irritations.
  • Usage must be at the consumer’s discretion.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Body pain and Improves skin | Session Duration: Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User Coloratura Kiki explains:

I bought this red/NIR light panel to treat arthritis in my left knee caused by a severe injury. Then, a relative began using it to thicken hair. I must say, it’s worked very well in both instances. The knee pain I was suffering has greatly diminished, as has the lack of flexibility. The stiffness in the back of my knee has also improved. I’ve been able to reduce the pain relievers I take, which is great.

truelight luna red sunset br30

3. Truelight Luna Red Sunset Br30

Best For: Sleep inducement, relaxative properties

Features: Life Span: 30,000 hours / 27 years (based on 3 hrs/day), Flicker-Free LED Bulb, Night-light mode supports restful and undisturbed sleep.

Price: $26.40

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The TrueLight Luna Red™ Sunset BR30 LED bulb is a tunable light capable of being used in living rooms, workspaces, hallways, nurseries, and bedrooms. With its emission of low blue light, it lessens sleep disruptions and helps you maintain your sleep patterns, unlike other types of light. The bulb is tunable across two modes- Natural daylight to Sunset Red Light (1000 Kelvin (K) to 3000 K). The Sunset sleep floodlight reduces the interference of blue light on your body’s melatonin production, allowing you to enjoy your evening hours by ensuring that your sleep/circadian rhythm is kept in check.

Pros & Cons


  • 4-way adjustable light bulb emitting wavelengths from 1000K to 3000K with the ability to dim or brighten to customize your pre-sleep environmental experience.
  • Control up to four TrueLight Luna Red™ bulbs on one remote; remote control (uses 2 AAA batteries) to adjust lighting options.
  • Strong and lightweight construction with a shatter-proof dome.


  • Wattage requirements might affect the performance of the product.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Sleep, Brain and Skin health. | Session Duration: Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User Paul R. explains:

Bought this panel a couple of months ago, and it was much more reasonably priced than many others on the market. It has decreased my back pain significantly, which has had such a positive impact on my life.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

truelight luna red sunset br30

4. TheraBulb Near Infrared 300 Watt Bulb

Best For: Therapeutic Benefits, soothing warmth

Features: Peak Output at 750 nm, Emits Infrared Healing Wavelengths 700 – 1000 nanometers, Free of Hazardous and Toxic Materials (Including Lead, Teflon, and Mercury); – CE Certified

Price: $31.99

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The TheraBulb 300 Watt NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb is a premium infrared bulb that emits healing wavelengths of light. It is built to deliver a therapeutic level of infrared light, providing you a soothing warmth. The bulb complies to RoHS and bears the CE mark- thereby certifying its safety and adherence to EU health, safety, and environmental protection standards. TheraBulb comes with a thicker-than-norm coating on the outer surface that is both reflective and protective of the glass resulting in a bulb that is more efficient in directing the infrared light safely through the top of the bulb.

Pros & Cons


  • Designed to Maximize Near Infrared Output, NIR-A, IR-A, Red Light Therapy.
  • Emits Infrared Healing Wavelengths 700 – 1000 nanometers.
  • Infrared Output Verified by Independent Laboratory.
  • High Intensity 300 Watt Therapeutic Infrared Heat Bulb.


  • The cosmetic covering of the bulb might give an impression of damage.
  • Wattage requirements might affect performance.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Reduces pain and promotes wound healing. | Session Duration: 20 minutes Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User V. M. Miller. explains:

I have been using this bulb for nearly a month now, and I am SO glad I purchased it! I have never used light therapy before, but I never want to live without it again! I spend 20 or 30 minutes per session and I do about 5 sessions per week. I had a lot of shoulder pain, back pain, and hip pain- all of which have improved considerably since starting this therapy. The warmth from the bulb is instantly soothing on stiff and knotted muscles but this therapy is much more effective than a heat pack! I sleep better because my hip and shoulders don’t ache as often from lying on them.

wolezek red light therapy

5. Wolezek Red Light Therapy

Best For: Blood circulation and wound healing

Features: Improved blood circulation, promotes healing of muscles and damaged tissues. Wattage: 360 W, Voltage: 240 Volts

Price: $39.99

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The Wolezeck Red Light Therapy bulb comes with a set of 18 LED bulbs- 9 of which are built with Near Infrared LEDs and is equipped with a 60-degree glass lens and an additional super large optical lens for an improved irradiance. Easy and durable to use, the bulb is specifically designed to ensure complete care of your skin as it goes about relieving your pain with improved blood circulation. The non-invasive infrared heat helps in the healing of muscles and tissues, giving you a relaxed experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Upgraded Red Light Therapy Lamp.
  • Drug Free & Non-Invasive Pain Relief.
  • Beam angle – 60 degrees.
  • Accepts worldwide voltages AC 100-240V.


  • Wattage requirements might affect the performance of the product.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Pain Relief. | Session Duration: Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User Susan R. Withers. explains:

This light seems to be helping increase neck flexibility and reduce pain. I am using the bulb with an adjustable lampstand for ease of placement, and am very grateful for this product!!

abi led light therapy bulb

6. ABI LED Light Therapy Bulb

Best For: Arthritis, Inflammation

Features: 50,000+ hour service life, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, Assembled in the USA

Price: $49.99

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The ABI Deep Red and Near-Infrared Combo LED light bulb is a potent therapeutic light source emitting light at two distinct wavelengths: 660nm and 850nm. Designed to fit seamlessly into a standard household E26 socket, this bulb offers a convenient and effective means to alleviate discomfort and pain associated with conditions like muscle inflammation and arthritis, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Pros & Cons


  • 9pcs 660nm Deep Red + 9pcs 850nm Near Infrared.
  • Nominal Rating: 54W (18x3W) Class.
  • Comes with a push button for better control.
  • Internal Cooling Fan.


  • Wattage requirements might affect the performance of the product.

More to Know

Target Areas: Body | Skin Type: All types | Benefits: Overall health. | Session Duration: Daily.

There are positive reviews on the official site, User Gary W Petersen. explains:

Using this red light right against my thyroid gland has raised my body temperature from 96 to 97. I now lose weight a bit easier. And I may continue to improve more with further use. I had a lingering pain in my right groin. I put the red light against it twice and the pain diminished quite a bit.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Bulbs Are Used In Red Light Therapy?

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy Bulbs?

A: Red light therapy bulbs offer the same benefits as larger devices for targeted treatment. Depending on the wavelengths they offer, these bulbs may help heal wounds, reverse signs of age on the skin, decrease acne, relieve pain and inflammation, speed up workout recovery, heal wounds and injuries, and more.

Q: Where Can You Buy Red Light Therapy Bulbs?

A: Not every major red light therapy company sells bulbs, as some focus on larger devices or panels, but there are a number of brands like Hooga, Red Light Man, another others which have options online and in some stores.

The prices will vary depending on whether you purchase a single bulb or a bulb with several LEDS, the quality, the wavelengths offered, and the reputability of the brand. Prices range from approximately $20-150.

Q: What To Look For When Buying Red Light Therapy Bulbs?

A: Whether you are purchasing a number of bulbs for a room in your home or a small portable bulb for targeted treatment, the features you should look for are similar.

Ensure that you choose the color and wavelengths you need for your particular issues, and check that it has adequate power and irradiance. You should also research the safety practices of the company, and buy from a well regarded manufacturer.

Q: Who Should Not Use Red Light Therapy Bulbs?

A: There are medical conditions that preclude the use of red light therapy devices or bulbs according to most physicians, primarily seizures or serious eye conditions.

In addition, there are some common medications which do not mix well with LED light, including melatonin, lithium, antipsychotics, and several others. It’s important to get approval from your physician before beginning red light therapy treatment.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name Hooga HG 24 4-in 1 Color Therapy Bulb Red Light Man Red Light Mini 670 TheraBulb Near Infrared 300 Watt Bulb Trueight® Luna Red® Sunset Br30
Price $40 $150 $31.99 $26.40
Purchasing Options Official Site, Amazon Official Site Official Site, Amazon, Other retailers Official Site
LEDs 12 12 Single Bulb Single Bulb
Safety FDA Cleared FDA-Cleared Follows FDA and CGMP Guidelines FDA low-risk general wellness status
Guarantee/Warranty 60-Day Return Policy, 3 Year Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 3 Year Warranty Limited Warranty 90-Day Return Policy
Customer Reviews 5 stars on official site 4.3 stars for brand on Trustpilot 4.2 stars on official site None online
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating


Red light therapy bulbs can illuminate a room in your home with LED light, however, you can also purchase a portable bulb with several LEDs for use anywhere, anytime. In both cases, these products can offer numerous health benefits like rejuvenating your skin, healing wounds, decreasing pain and inflammation, and more.

In this article, we have provided you with our list of the best red light therapy at home bulbs on the market today, as reviewed and recommended by our professional team of health and technology experts.

All of the bulbs we have selected are high quality, safe, made by reputable manufacturers, offer high value for the cost, and have excellent red light therapy reviews from customers. If you want to have a look at larger devices, read through our review on the Best Red Light Therapy Panels.

By Brendan Camp, MD

Brendan Camp, MD, is double board-certified in dermatology and dermatopathology and sees patients at MDCS Dermatology.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

Disclosure of Material connection: Some of the links in the post above are "associate sales links." This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, we will receive commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services which we use personally and/or believe will add value to our readers. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials."

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