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The Cera System Review: Enhance Brain Performance & Immunity.

The Cera System is an innovative device created to improve brain performance and immunity. In this article, we will look at how this system works, its important features, and the possible benefits it offers.

RedlightTherapyDigest StaffBy RLTD Staff Updated October 16, 2023
Medically reviewedMedically reviewed by: Carmen Castilla, MD
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Cera System

The Cera System Review: Enhance Brain Performance & Immunity.

Did you know there’s a connection between your brain and your gut that regulates your health, how your body functions, and even manage your moods? In layman’s language, this connection is called a gut-brain axis, but scientists call it the enteric nervous system (ENS).
When you feel sluggish or experience brain fog, your gut-brain usually is out of balance. Many physiological problems like brain, and memory issues can be resolved by regaining gut-brain balance.

The Cera system device is one of the top red-light therapy devices that target the gut-brain axis to support brain wellness and well-being.
“Think of it as your morning coffee—red light therapy helps your cells wake up and get the job done!” says Dr. Kelley.

What Is The Cera System?

The Cera System is a revolutionary red-light system that targets the brain-gut axis to promote wellness and well-being. It’s the first and only FDA-listed device that treats the whole body systemically.

The Cera system also promotes brain health and improves body functions. The Cera technology reveals the power of your gut and brain and simultaneously aligns them to bring out the best in you.

The Cera system uses the power of light in the form of wavelengths to target receptors and stimulates your cells to increase energy and promote physical and mental performance.

Editor’s Rating

Cera System

Cera System
User Friendly4.7/5User Friendly
Customer Satisfaction4.6/5Customer Satisfaction


  • The Cera System promotes mental and brain focus.
  • It promotes gut-brain balance.
  • It increases energy levels in the body.
  • The Cera system boosts immunity and promotes overall health.


  • Results may vary from one person to another.

Expert Opinion on The Cera System

We found studies that reveal that Photo biomodulation therapy effectively promotes cognitive functions and boosts memory. It promotes blood flow, metabolic activity and prevents brain damage by activating neuroprotective functions in the brain.

Another study reveals that red or near-infrared light can revive a damaged brain or injury. I also prevent degenerative diseases and disorders that tamper with brain health and mental performance.

How Does It Work?

The Cera system is a revolutionary and innovative device that offers a non-invasive, non-toxic technology solution to promote brain wellness and physiological health. The system banks on the power of red-light therapy to target the gut-brain axis to achieve gut-brain balance and promote overall wellness cognition and boost memory.

As we explained in our Red Light Therapy for Brain, red light therapy stimulates cerebral blood flow, increasing alertness, enhancing mental focus, and promoting general brain health.

A 2018 study shows a significant correlation between the gut-brain axis and brain function, mental health state, and overall mood and energy levels.

The gut-brain axis is crucial in transmitting information from the brain to the body.

“Its main role is controlling digestion, from swallowing to the release of enzymes that break down food to the control of blood flow that helps with nutrient absorption to elimination,” explains Jay Pasricha, M.D.,

The Cera System uses the red and near-infrared range light wavelength emissions to target an enzyme in the mitochondrial membrane to increase energy production and blood flow, which in return helps reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair.

The system comes with a headband, a body panel, and a body strap whose technology targets brain and body receptors to communicate via the gut-brain axis to achieve better body balance and improve mental health and brain performance simultaneously. We covered Vielight devices, that works almost like the Cera system device.

Quick Facts & Features

Safe & Quality Safe & Quality4.7/5
Brand Cerathrive
Product Cera System
Form Panels
Saftey FDA Approved and Medical Grade Wavelengths
Age Adults
Skin Type All
  • Promotes gut-brain balance and improves energy and brain focus.
Price $999.00
Shipping Not clarified
Return Policy Not available
Purchase Official website

Health Benefits of The Cera System

It supports brain performance and boosts memory.

More individuals are opting to use red light therapy for treating memory loss, dementia, mental health issues, and other brain disorders. Red light therapy offers practical solutions and better results than traditional treatment methods.

It boosts immunity.

Photo biomodulation therapy stimulates anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses, which is ideal for boosting immunity and fighting off infections.

It promotes gut-brain balance.

Cera System device targets receptors in the brain and body, ensuring a proper communication channel from the brain to the gut and vice versa.

Highlighted Product

The Cera System

This red-light therapy system targets receptors in the brain through the gut-brain axis to promote health, wellness, and proper body functioning.

The Evidence Score

Here is our evaluation, based on scientific research, of the potential effectiveness of The Cera System for its claimed benefits.

  • Energizes the body and mind*4.7/5
  • It improves focus and gives better meditation*4.8/5
  • Improves gut-brain balance*4.7/5
  • Boosts immunity and physical performance*4.6/5

How to Use It?

The Cera System has its own set of instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should read all the instructions before setting up your device.

The Cera System has three parts: the headband, body panel, and body strap. Check out the guidelines provided by the manufacturer before using any of them.

Side Effects And Risks

So far, there haven’t been any claims or reports of adverse side effects associated with using the Cera System. Furthermore, the system is an FDA-approved device designed by Neuroscientist and Red-Light expert Sarah Turner, who boasts over 25 years of research experience in the field.

The wavelengths used in the system are also within medical range; thus, they don’t pause any risk to the individuals using the device.

What is the Customer Feedback?

Unfortunately, we didn’t find customer reviews of the Cera System red light device. However, we found testimonials by experts and influencers who have used the device.
Below are some of their unfiltered comments and feedback.

Combine breathwork with red light therapy for a powerful relaxation and gut-brain connection boost. The CERA System enhances this combination, improving cellular energy production, reducing inflammation, and calming the nervous system. Experience improved gut function and overall well-being with CERA’s unique approach. Kristin Weitzel- Cold and Breath Expert and host of WELLPOWER Podcast.

Cold and Breath Expert and host of WELLPOWER Podcast.

Discover the profound impact of the gut-brain axis on emotions and well-being. The CERA System’s red-light therapy stimulates gut cells, facilitating better communication with the brain. Experience greater joy and emotional balance as negative emotions are managed, and positive ones are cultivated. Freddie Kimmel- Emotional Regulation and Living an Authentic Life Filled with Joy – Host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast

Unlock the potential of the CERA System for brain reprogramming and improved cognitive function. By targeting the gut-brain axis, this therapy reduces inflammation, enhances gut health, and positively impacts mood, focus, and mental clarity. Experience the frontier of brain entrainment and emotional regulation with the CERA system and your own personally tailored one-on-one Coaching program Dr. Clifford Saunders- The Brain Reprogramming Doctor Podcast

Even though we didn’t get the customer reviews, we are compelled that the feedback from influencers and experts is just as good. Based on the expert reviews of The Cera System, we approve of this product’s efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Buy The Cera System?

A: Cera System is available for pre-order on the official site.

Does The Cera System Have A Refund Policy?

A: So far, we haven’t seen any refund or return policy associated with the Cera system.

Who Can Use The Cera System?

A: The device is ideal for adults only.

Does The Cera System Work?

A: According to the influencer reviews and the details provided by the manufacturer, we are confident the device works.

What Sets The Cera System Apart From the Competition?

A: The manufacturer claims Cera System is a unique red-light therapy device because it’s one of the first and only FDA-approved light therapy systems that target the gut-brain axis to treat the body simultaneously.

Is The Cera System Legit?

A: Based on customer ratings and reviews, we affirm the legitimacy of The Cera System.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Cera System?

A: Cerathrive is the brand that manufactures the Cera system. Cerathrive was founded by Sarah Turner whose mission is to improve brain health and prevent brain related diseases.

How Much Is The Cera System?

A: The official site says the device costs $999.00 pre-ordered.


The Cera System, red light therapy device, boasts several benefits, including upgrading your brain health and mental well-being. You don’t have to worry about your brain losing its sharpness anymore. This system is the first FDA-cleared device that targets the gut- the brain axis to support a healthy brain and memory and improve overall performance.

The technology used in Cera System is revolutionary and highly effective. Influencers and light therapy experts highly uphold the brand. We are compelled that the Cera system device is the right tool to reclaim your brain power and optimize physical performance.

However, we always recommend that you speak to your professional healthcare provider and do your due diligence before trying out any new health or wellness devices on yourself. Also, always keep in mind that results vary from person to person. We advise staying consistent in using the device for at least four weeks for effective results.

By Carmen Castilla, MD

Carmen Castilla, M.D. is a Manhattan-based, board-certified dermatologist specializing in personalized treatment plans in both cosmetic and medical dermatology.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

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    Zeenath D September 9, 2023

    User-Friendly and Accessible

    The CERA System is designed with the user in mind. It’s user-friendly, with clear instructions, making it accessible to a wide audience. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of gut health or a seasoned wellness enthusiast, the CERA System is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


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