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12 Best DPL Light Therapy of 2024, for Wellness and Healing

Discover the best DPL light therapy systems that harness the power of light to promote healing and overall well-being. Elevate your self-care routine with advanced technology and proven results.

RedlightTherapyDigest Staff By RLTD Staff Updated January 10, 2024
Medically reviewed Medically reviewed by: Dr. Konstantin
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When the body is unable to respond to certain behaviors, you may experience pain. When in pain, sensory receptors send a message to the brain through the spinal cord. Once the body has processed the message sent, you get a signal to stop the activity that is causing pain. In one of the articles published by Marcelo Oliveira and Douglas Johnson, as published in the National Library of Medicine, musculoskeletal pain is among the main reasons why people visit the doctor every day.

Deep Penetrating Light therapy is great for people who experience body pains. Combining light therapy with air compression allows the body to heal faster. DPL is backed by scientific research and clinical studies. The market is full of many Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) LED light therapy devices, but finding the best one can be quite a challenge.

There are three types of pain, including neuropathic pain, chronic pain, and acute pain, that may be caused by migraines, lower backaches, joint pains, and nerve damage. While pain can be highly subjective, getting the correct treatment for the specific pain can be quite a challenge. Research supports that those using light therapy devices, which use red and infrared light, can help relieve pain from arthritis, bone breaks, nervous system disorders, and osteoarthritis.

According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, low-level light therapy has helped elderly patients with degenerative osteoarthritis in both knees. Red and near-infrared light use wavelengths of between 660nm and 905nm to deeply penetrate the skin and enhance tissue repair.

These days, spas include red light therapy devices in their menus and you get to enjoy full body treatments there. Other celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Stone, and Jessica Alba have flaunted their skin and bodies after using red light therapy devices on their skin.

The Journal of Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging discusses the efficacy of using Deep Penetrating Light DPL in the treatment of some skin conditions and musculoskeletal pain relief. In his book on Red Light Therapy, Mark Sloan says that red light therapy has been clinically researched to be effective with no side effects.

The dpI Light Therapy System of 2024:

What is DPL Light Therapy System?

DPL light Therapy is a pain relief system that uses light-emitting diodes, including red, infrared, and blue light, to enhance healing and reduce inflammation. DPL system claims that light deeply penetrates the skin into the muscles and tissues to help relieve pain and inflammation. The wavelengths of light in the Deep Penetrating Light Therapy system specifically target the pain areas on the body. DPL therapy reduces pains, including joint pain, muscle aches, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, wrist pain, and oral pain.

According to Dr. Mike Belkowski, a physical therapist, red and near-infrared light therapy has numerous bodies to the body, skin, and hair. He further explains that red light therapy optimizes the functioning of the mitochondria and other body cells, and this helps stimulate healing.

Belkowski goes further to explain that red and near-infrared light therapy may help improve athletic performance, reduce depression and anxiety, improve joint health and mobility, and improve heart health.

DPL systems can be used for at-home treatment sessions since they use LEDs that help relieve pain, calm inflammation, and enhance muscle healing. When the LED light is directed to the body tissues (nerves, skin, and joints), signals are sent to the joints to help reduce pain and enhance healing.

Dr. Azza Halim, a board-certified anesthesiologist, red light therapy or Photobiomodulation has gained popularity over the years, with a lot of posts on social media to support that. Tiktok and other social media platforms have greatly supported the marketing of light therapy for numerous benefits.

Red and near-infrared light therapy can help reduce pain because it uses low-level light to deeply penetrate the skin into the tissues to treat pain in your joints, tissues, and muscle, as we have previously documented in our content on Mito Red Light Bed Review.

A study shared in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine agrees with this, stating that low-level light therapy penetrates deep into the tissues to relieve pain for some skeletal conditions.

How we picked


Expert Recommended

The devices and tools here have been recommended by experts in different fields. Other members of our team also endorse the products.


Science and Evidence

The products that have been recommended here use light therapy that has gone through clinical trials and scientific research to support that they are safe and effective and they deliver amazing health benefits.

Trusted Manufacturers

Trusted Manufacturers

The brand products selected are from reputable and trusted manufacturers who are known for making high-quality red, blue, and near-infrared devices.

Ratings & Customer Reviews

Cost Benefit

DPL light therapy devices come at varied prices to suit every pocket and budget. The products selected allow you to get value for your money.

Our Choices For the Best DPL Light Therapy Systems

dpl flex pad led light therapy

1. DPL Flex Pad – LED Light Therapy Muscle Pain Relief

Best For: Reducing pain and inflammation for many ailments

Features: Made with neoprene material to fit all body types, adjustable straps, includes 2 sets of LED, cordless operation with rechargeable batteries, red and near-infrared light treatments, FDA-cleared, 1-year warranty.

Price: $159

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LED Light Therapy Device is highly rated on the market today. It uses 60 medical-grade red and infrared lights to boost blood circulation. The device can easily be strapped to the treatment area to help relieve pain and inflammation in the shoulders, legs, and lower back. The device uses two sets of LEDs, one for soft tissue and another for deep tissue treatment. It may also help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, and relieve arthritic pain, and joint pains.

Pros & Cons


  • DPL Flex Pad can be used on any treatment area on the body
  • You can use your power bank to recharge the device.
  • Comes with a user manual that is easy to understand and follow.


  • Individual results may vary depending on pain intensity.
  • You have to plug it in power to use thus limiting mobility.

More to Know

Target Areas: Shoulders, knees, legs, lower back | Technology: 60 LED Lights| Benefits: Healing, reducing muscle soreness, relieving pain and inflammation, boosting mood | Session Duration:20 minutes

According to Donald Jacobsen, MSN, MBA, RN-BC, chronic pain is a common occurrence among many people in the US. He further claims that the DPL Flex Pad is a light therapy device that may help reduce pain and inflammation in multiple areas of the body. The device is easy to use and you may only need three 20-minute sessions to get relief.

dpl nuve pain relief

2. DPL Nuve Pain Relief – LED Light Therapy for everyday relief

Best For: Body aches and pains

Features: Handheld device that covers a large treatment area, FDA-cleared device, OTC class II medical grade device, 1-year warranty, HAS & FSA approved, Detachable power supply making it easily portable, treats a 4-inch treatment area.

Price: $199

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Dpl Nuve Pain Relief is a professional grade and powerful red and near-infrared light therapy device that deeply penetrates the skin to relieve everyday joint and muscle aches. The pains could be from workouts and exercise or chronic illnesses like arthritis. The portable device makes it easy for anyone to carry it around with them. The device may also help reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, lessen muscle discomfort, and promote muscle relaxation. DLP Nuve comes in 6 different modes to address joint, tendon, and muscular pains day and night.

Pros & Cons


  • The device is specifically designed to help relieve body aches and pains.
  • The skin is safe from burns when using the device as it does not emit heat.
  • FDA-cleared medical device.


  • The results may vary with different users.
  • You can only buy the device online.

More to Know

Target Areas: Shoulders, knees, legs, lower back | Technology: 60 LED Lights| Benefits: Healing, reducing muscle soreness, relieving pain and inflammation, boosting mood | Session Duration:15-20 minutes

According to Anne, a verified owner,

I have used this LED device to relieve discomfort in all my joints, back, and even my hands. After a 20-minute session, the relief turns out to be priceless. I highly recommend all LED Technologies products.” Most customers love this portable device as it helps relieve everyday body aches from anywhere.

revive led light therapy

3. Revive Light Therapy Clinical – LED Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Best For: Regenerating damaged tissues

Features: Lightweight handheld device, FDA-approved, HAS&FSA approved, safe for all skin types, 1-year warranty, drug-free pain relief device, red and infrared light therapy.

Price: $99

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Dpl Clinical is a handheld red and near-infrared light therapy device, that helps increase blood circulation, relieve muscle pains, and relax the muscles. The device is affordable and safe to use on all skin types. It may also help promote the rejuvenation of damaged body tissues and may improve certain conditions like arthritis and neuropathy. Dpl Clinical wand is portable and allows you to enjoy red light therapy benefits in the comfort of your home for 15-20 minutes every day. You can use the Revive Clinical wand on your legs, wrist, arms, back, and neck. It works similarly to another device that we documented in our FlexBeam Review content.

Pros & Cons


  • Naturally helps to improve blood circulation and promote muscle recovery.
  • Affordable, convenient, and easy-to-use device.
  • Promotes regeneration of damaged body tissues.


  • Individual results may vary from one person to another.
  • Cannot be used for full-body treatments.

More to Know

Target Areas: Shoulders, knees, legs, lower back |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Healing, reducing muscle soreness, relieving pain and inflammation, rejuvenating damaged tissues | Session Duration:15-20 minutes

In one of the research done by Howard B Cotler and published in the MOJ Orthopedic Rheumatology journal, red and near-infrared light deeply penetrates the skin’s soft and hard tissues to help promote tissue repair, enhance healing, and relieve pain.

An anonymous user claimed that,

I love this device. So easy to use and very effective. I use it on my lower back when I have discomfort for about 3 minutes. I used it after some dental work where the root ended up very inflamed (not from infection) and it healed it after a while.

dpl tens back pain

4. DPL TENS/EMS Back Pain Device

Best For: Individuals struggling with chronic back pains

Features: Designed to help relieve back pains, 2 TENS modes and 4 EMS modes, enhances natural muscle recovery and pain relief, rechargeable power source, physician-approved technology, and relieves arthritic pain.

Price: $69

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TENS/EMS is a natural, effective, and safe dual-frequency device that uses red and near-infrared light therapy to relieve back pains. This device has been approved and is now used across the world by pain clinics and physicians. The TENS mode uses mild electrical impulses to help relieve chronic muscle pains, aches, and soreness. EMS mode promotes the healing, strengthening, and tightening of muscles. Additionally, all modes help improve muscle performance, and muscle firmness and promote strength in the back, legs, and buttocks.

Pros & Cons


  • The dual-frequency device helps relieve pain and enhance muscle recovery.
  • Helps strengthen muscles.
  • The device helps increase blood flow to body parts.


  • Some customers claim that the battery runs low really quickly.
  • Individual results may vary from person to person.

More to Know

Target Areas: Back Pains |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Healing, reducing muscle soreness, relieving pain and inflammation, rejuvenating damaged tissues | Session Duration:20-30 minutes

Brandon Landgraf, author to The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy for Pain: red light therapy is a pain relief method that uses low-level light to treat various ailments. Red and infrared light treat skin conditions and pain conditions. It may help relieve pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation associated with workouts or arthritis.

dpl joint wrap

5. DPL Joint Wrap – LED Light Therapy for Joint Pain Relief

Best For: Joint pain

Features: FDA-cleared, highly-rated joint therapy system, best for elbows, hands, and knees, relieves arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis pain.

Price: $159

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This deep-penetrating light technology is used and trusted by athletes, professionals, and physicians. The joint straps wrap around the body to help relieve pain, prevent muscle stiffness, and reduce muscle soreness. Red and near-infrared light treatment helps nourish and energize the cells to promote healing and muscle relaxation. The natural solution is safe for all skin types and has no side effects. Each treatment session with the device lasts 20 minutes, and you may experience results in as early as 5 days after use.

Pros & Cons


  • A non-invasive red light treatment that provides fast and soothing pain relief
  • Perfect for elbows, shoulder, and knee joints.
  • It helps to calm joint inflammation, reduce pain, and enhance healing


  • Individual results will always vary.
  • Customers complain of low battery life.

More to Know

Target Areas: Elbows, shoulder, knee joints |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Healing, reducing muscle soreness, relieving pain and inflammation, rejuvenating damaged tissues | Session Duration:20 minutes

Dr Cleber Ferraresi MS, PhD, reviewed an article on Inflammation and Red Light Therapy. The article discusses how red light therapy treatment promotes balance, enables the body to respond to pain and inflammation, and optimizes cellular function. Photobiomodulation treatments are part of living a healthy lifestyle as it promote relaxation.

dpl joint wrap

6. DPL Wrist Wrap – LED Red Light Therapy for Wrist Pain Relief

Best For: Relieving pain associated with arthritis and Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Features: FDA-approved LED lights, FSA & HSA approved, made with high-quality materials, 1-year warranty, USB charger, tested and approved by doctors, relieves muscle stiffness and enhances tissue repair

Price: $99

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Dpl Wrist Wrap combines both red and infrared light therapy to help provide quick pain relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprain, and strain injuries. LED light therapy deeply penetrates the skin into the tissues to increase blood circulation and stimulate tissue repair. When blood circulation increases in the wrist, it helps accelerate healing by ensuring the tissues receive the required nutrients. Light-emitting diode devices on the market like the Dpl wrist wrap does work for individuals who experience wrist pains every day. Customer reviews from real customers do reveal that people got pain relief while using this product.

Pros & Cons


  • The ideal product for people looking to treat wrist pain and improve overall health
  • The device is easily portable as it is lightweight.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients that make it last long


  • Some people may not notice significant results.
  • The product may appear small to some users.

More to Know

Target Areas: Wrist pain |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Relief wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis | Session Duration:20 minutes

A publication in Celluma International reveals that people with arthritis can enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of Red light therapy devices. LED light therapy is FDA-cleared and it works by boosting cellular energy to help promote healing and restoring the wrist. Red and near-infrared light therapy deeply penetrates the skin into the joints and muscle tissues to enhance healing.

dpl flex mitt

7. DPL Flex Mitt – LED Light Therapy for Hand pain Relief

Best For: Hand pain relief

Features: FSA & HSA approved, FDA cleared, you can use it anywhere as it comes with an AC adapter, designed for comfort, one-year warranty

Price: $129

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Dpl Flex Mitt is a medical-grade and FDA-cleared red light therapy device. This hand device delivers its effects from underneath the skin, as the red light deeply penetrates the skin into the tissues to stimulate the cells and promote healing. It also works to stimulate blood flow into the body to target joint, muscle, and nerve pains. The glove uses light-emitting diodes on the inside, which work faster than a heating pad to offer pain relief. One treatment session lasts 20 minutes and you can use the device several times in a day.

Pros & Cons


  • Relieves pain by increasing blood supply to the affected area
  • Easily portable device and can be used anywhere.
  • Allows you to comfortably place your hand on the device


  • Treatment sessions may take long hours, up to 4 hours.
  • It is a high-end product.

More to Know

Target Areas: Hand pain |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Relieves hand pain, increases blood flow | Session Duration:Up to 4 hours

Suzanne Clement, a reviewer on the website says, “There is intensive typing and use of a mouse for my job. I worked 23 hours over 2 days clicking through 15K of pages not including the actual typing. My hands were hurting so much I could hardly use them. This mitt has been helpful with aching, stiff hands. The joints felt inflamed, and the pain was awful. Using this mitt has made a difference. The pain went from 10 to 2 in a few days. I use it every day. Not only was the pain reduced immensely, the flexibility is almost normal in a week.”

dpl conductive gel pads

8. DPL TENS/EMS Conductive Gel Pad Replacements

Best For: Back pain and joint pains

Features: High-Quality material, easy to install, affordable pads, FDA cleared, FSA&HSA approved

Price: $20

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TENS/EMS Conductive Gel Pads Replacements come together with your TENS/EMS Joint or Back pain device. The devices are essential for drug-free muscle recovery from stiffness and soreness and for strengthening muscles. The gel pads are easy to integrate into the device to help optimize the functioning of the pain relief devices. The pads offer the right adhesion channeling the electric impulses where the pain is. Helps deliver the desired results.

Pros & Cons


  • The pads come in separate packs to prevent them from drying out
  • The pads are easy to install on the device to help relieve joint and back pains
  • The pads have been approved by physicians


  • Individual results may vary.
  • The pads may dry out when not properly stored.

More to Know

Target Areas: Hand pain and joint pains |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Relieves hand pain, increases blood flow | Session Duration:20-30 minutes

Paindoctor.com discusses the effectiveness of red light therapy for individualized pain relief. Portable infrared therapy devices are easy to use and they have been proven to help improve joint functionality, reduce pain, and enhance healing. Red light therapy is a painless and non-invasive procedure that allows you to only feel the warmth of the device on the skin.

dpl neck pillow

9. DPL Neck Pillow – LED Light Therapy for Neck Pain relief

Best For: Reducing neck pain and preventing muscle stiffness

Features: FDA-approved red light device, comes with adjustable straps to help keep it in place, USB Charger, available in a variety of colors, quiet LED device

Price: $99

RatingRead Reviews
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The only travel-size neck pillow on the market that uses red and near-infrared light therapy to help relieve neck pain, muscle spasms, and neck stiffness. The high-density foam, soft, and comfy pillow allows you to enjoy comfortable pain relief by deeply penetrating the tissue to stimulate tissue repair and pain relief. Unlike heating pads, this pillow uses LED light that has specific wavelengths to help reduce neck pain. The pillows shine red light into the skin to affect muscle fibers. When the cells are healthy and the neck gets the support it needs, then there is pain relief.

Pros & Cons


  • FDA-cleared light therapy device
  • A comfortable pillow that helps soothe the neck muscles
  • Travel size device


  • The insides of the pillow may not be comfortable for some people.
  • It is a plugin pillow, so you have to be stuck somewhere while using it.

More to Know

Target Areas: Neck pain |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Relieves neck pain, increases blood flow, reduces muscle stiffness | Session Duration:20-30 minutes

This product comes highly recommended by Alexandra E, a verified product owner who claims that she has had neck pain and muscle stiffness for some time. She used DLP Neck Pillow which helped alleviate the neck pain. The inside of the pillow was too bulky for her and she switched to wool making it more comfortable.

dpl eye mask

10. DPL Eye Mask – LED Light Therapy for Head Pain relief

Best For: Migraines, headaches, temporary muscle tension, and sinus pressure

Features: FSA approved, can be worn while lying or sitting upright, user can control the device, adjustable head wrap, 6-month warranty

Price: $99

RatingRead Reviews
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Dpl Eye mask is an innovative red light therapy device that offers pain relief. You can wear the mask for 20-30 minutes per session to help relax your facial muscles, reduce sinus pressure, and relieve migraines and headaches. When the mask is on, it helps stimulate the cells to generate energy, and this helps promote healing. As blood circulation improves in the body, the migraines and headaches go away. Since the user is in control of the device, they can control the amount of light.

Pros & Cons


  • Relieves pain associated with headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure
  • May help increase blood circulation to help promote muscle relaxation
  • Treatment sessions do not last long


  • The devices only temporarily reduce pain.
  • Individual results may vary.

More to Know

Target Areas: Head pains |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Relieves pain associated with headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure | Session Duration:15-20 minutes

An anonymous reviewer on LED Technology claims that “ I enjoy this mask. It does hv a petroleum smell but it doesn’t cause me to feel sick. I do love red light and believe it is a secret weapon against aches and pains. I highly recommend it, and this co is top notch with mailing out orders.”

dpl slippers

11. DPL Slippers – LED Light therapy for Foot Pain Relief

Best For: Foot pain relief

Features: FDA-cleared foot pain device, designed with soft fiber for comfort, OTC class II medical grade device, one size fits all, one-year warranty

Price: $169

RatingRead Reviews
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OTC Class II medical grade slippers that let you sink your feet in them. The slippers help relieve foot pains by promoting muscle relaxation while traveling or at the comfort of your home. Deep penetrating light technology soothes muscle aches at the sole of your feet. The slippers use red and near-infrared light therapy to promote muscle relaxation on your feet and ease pains. The slippers may also help increase blood circulation to the feet to energize the cells and enhance healing.

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with adjustable straps to fit different foot sizes
  • Promotes muscle relaxation and tissue repair
  • Increases blood flow to the feet to improve recovery time


  • You can only use the product while sitting and not walking.
  • DPL Slippers are quite pricy.

More to Know

Target Areas: Feet pains |Technology: Red and infrared light | Benefits: Reduces muscle soreness, promotes muscle relaxation, reduces feet pain | Session Duration:15-20 minutes

In an article reviewed by Karen Wolters, RN and Joanna Fearnley, LPN, infrared light therapy is an effective treatment for foot pain. It may help stimulate healing, restore damaged tissues, relax muscles, and relieve foot pain. People suffering from foot pains may use the device to restore their mobility.

dpl oral care

12. DPL Oral Care – LED Light Therapy for Teeth and Gum Care

Best For: Teeth and Gum care

Features: FDA-cleared LED device, 6-month warranty, oral pain relief, whitens teeth

Price: $99

RatingRead Reviews
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DPL Oral Care uses blue, red, and infrared light therapy to treat gum disease and tooth decay, kill bacteria in the mouth, and prevent mouth infections. This oral device is available over the counter, has more power, and covers a larger treatment area. Dpl Oral Care supports healthier gums, prevents tooth decay, whitens teeth, improves breathing, and relieves oral pain. Red and infrared light shines on your teeth to offer a soothing effect, while blue light helps kill bacteria and promote teeth whitening.

Pros & Cons


  • Great product for oral pain relief and teeth whitening
  • Dpl oral care may kill bacteria in the mouth
  • The device covers a larger treatment area.


  • Some customers complain that the device wiggles sometimes.
  • Not all people will experience similar results.

More to Know

Target Areas: Oral pains |Technology: Red, blue, and infrared light | Benefits: Whitens teeth, prevents mouth infections, improves breathing | Session Duration:15-20 minutes

According to jbsherburne, an online reviewer, “The charge lasts a long time through multiple treatments. I wear this device privately because it looks a little silly, but the results are significant for 10 minutes of shyness! I am a smoker and my biggest benefit from the dpl is a pink tongue and healthier gums as well as whiter front teeth. That smoker stain doesn’t stand up to the light!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DPL Therapy?

Q: Does DPL Light Therapy Work For Pain?

A: Yes, DPL works to alleviate different body pains. There are many devices available including for, joint, wrist, back, tooth, feet, and neck pains. DPL therapy is a non-invasive treatment technology that has been clinically proven to be effective in pain relief. Over 80% of users who have tried DPL Devices have reported improved symptoms with each device. The low-level light deeply penetrates the skin into the tissues, promoting blood flow to the target areas. Once the cells are stimulated and energized, healing starts to take place.

Q: How Do You Choose the Best DPL Therapy System?

A: This article provides you with a lot of information on Deep Penetrating Light therapy devices to allow you to make an informed choice. While selecting LED light therapy devices for pain relief, there are a few factors that you need to put into consideration. Some of these factors include value for money, cost, reputable company, safety, research studies, and product warranty.

Q: What Are the Best Handheld DPL Light Therapy Devices?

A: There are many handheld DPL light therapy devices on today’s market. Skin experts and celebrities have endorsed many products. While you can choose a product that suits your condition and use it.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name:DPL Neck PillowDPL Flex MittDPL Joint WrapDPL TENS/EMS Back Pain Device
Purchasing OptionsOnline websiteOnline websiteOnline websiteOnline website
SafetyFDA approvedFDA-cleared, FSA$HSA approvedFDA-clearedFDA-cleared
Guarantee/Warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty1-years warranty1-year warranty
Customer ReviewsPopular product Recommended by many customers.Excellent feedback from customersHighly rated.
RatingSafe & QualitySafe & QualitySafe & QualitySafe & Quality



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Many people across the globe are going through some type of pain. While most of them do want fast relief, they do not know the best device to use.
DPL light therapy devices combine the effectiveness of red, blue, and infrared light therapy for pain relief. Many people do use light therapy machine for aesthetic use, but its benefits go beyond that.

The light therapy products review supports that the body can easily absorb red light into the skin and convert it to energy for the cells. This helps improve cellular performance and enhance the healing process.
Dpl therapy is FDA-cleared and is therefore safe for all skin types, and may treat many conditions such as headaches, toothaches, migraines, back pain, and neck pain.

Most products do come with a warranty and money-back guarantee. DPL products have been used by many celebrities and have been featured in media outlets like Forbes and Times magazine. We highly recommend Dpl devices for individuals that are struggling with everyday pain.

We also covered the sad lamps which help to boost mood, sleep quality, promote calmness and relaxation.

By Dr. Konstantin

Dr. Konstantin is a top, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in NYC who personally performs more than 1,000 facial plastic surgery.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

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