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Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 Review: Does LED Light Therapy Work for Pain Relief?

Explore the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500, a revolutionary LED therapy device designed to alleviate pain, arthritis, inflammation, and stiffness.

RedlightTherapyDigest Staff By RLTD Staff Updated July 10, 2024
Medically reviewed Medically reviewed by: Brendan Camp, MD
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Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500

Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 Review: Does LED Light Therapy Work for Pain Relief?


The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 isn’t your average heating pad found in stores. This wearable gadget uses LED light therapy for pain relief in areas like the neck, knees, shoulders, and elbows. It targets pain, arthritis, inflammation, and stiffness, promoting better health and flexibility.

The infrared and red Neo light emitted by the pad serves two purposes, penetrating body tissues to soothe muscles and joints, and boosting blood flow to the affected area for improved healing and reduced inflammation, ultimately easing pain and enhancing joint mobility.

In this review, one will learn about the working of the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 and its possible advantages, it will also include an evaluation of customer reviews. We will also discuss the pricing, the place from where one can buy the device, and, how to use the device in the right manner. Last but not least, we will proceed with a conclusion that will enable you to decide whether or not you should purchase this Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 to alleviate your pain.

How Does It Rate?

Editor’s Rating

Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500

Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500
User Friendly4.4/5User Friendly
Customer Satisfaction4.8/5Customer Satisfaction


  • Pain relief formulation is approved clinically
  • Meditated on different body parts, neck, knees, shoulder, and elbow
  • Home-Based Therapy
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Positive Customer Reviews


  • Effectiveness may vary
  • The price point might be a deterrent for some users
  • Doctor Consultation Recommended

About the Brand

Medex Light is a company focused on providing drug-free home therapy solutions through red and near-infrared light therapy devices. They proudly position themselves as a leader in this field, backed by clinical studies and over 80,000 happy customers vouching for the effectiveness of their technology.

The product range targets a variety of concerns, with devices aimed at pain relief in areas like the back, knees, and joints, skin rejuvenation to address wrinkles and dark circles, and even gum disease treatment.

They promote the ease and comfort of using their products at home, allowing individuals to manage their health concerns and improve their appearance on their own time. Additionally, With free worldwide shipping, they strive to make their light therapy solutions accessible to a global audience.

Quick Facts & Features

TechnologyUtilizes Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy
Potential BenefitsPain Relief, Improved Circulation, Enhanced Cellular Repair,
Reduced Inflammation (based on emerging research on red light therapy)
Ease of UseSimple 20-minute daily treatments
Targeted TherapyDesigned for use on the neck, knees, shoulders, and elbows
Safety FeaturesAutomatic shut-off after 20 minutes, Velcro straps for secure placement
User ReviewsCustomers report feeling relief from stiffness, pain, and experiencing improved range of motion

How Does it Work?

The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 works to provide you with effective pain relief using advanced light therapy. This innovative device targets pain points in your body through a combination of red and near-infrared lights, each playing a unique role in alleviating pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

Red Light Therapy

Enhanced Cellular Energy: When you use the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500, red light is absorbed by your cells, stimulating ATP production. This boost in cellular energy enhances overall cell function, promoting healing and tissue repair from within.

Reduced Inflammation: Red light therapy helps decrease inflammation in specific areas. By targeting the source of pain, it helps in pain relief and accelerates recovery times.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Reaching Deeper Tissues: The near-infrared light waves in the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 have longer wavelengths, allowing them to penetrate deep into your muscles, joints, and bones. This deep penetration provides effective pain relief, addressing issues that lie beneath the surface.

The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 combines powerful wavelengths – 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light to achieve optimal results. By doing so, it activates healing in your deepest cells, promotes cell regeneration, and enhances blood flow to prevent tissue damage.

As the light therapy penetrates your body, it promotes cell regeneration and improves blood circulation, working synergistically to prevent tissue damage and provide lasting relief.

How to Use

  • medex-heal-nerves
  • medex-heal-joints
  • medex-heal-neck

Using the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 is straightforward:

  • Place the pad on the body part you want to treat. You can use the device on the neck, knee, shoulder, and elbow as potential target areas.
  • Use the pad for 20 minutes a day. You can use it anytime or anywhere you want.
  • Secure the pad with the velcro straps. This ensures it stays in place during treatment.

Expert Opinion

Research published online on October 17, 2022 by PLOS ONE states that.

Infrared laser-mediated nerve inhibition is considered to be one of the most powerful mechanisms for pain relief. Another possible mechanism for pain relief from infrared irradiation is the increase in body temperature at and near the irradiated site.

A study published on December 16, 2021 in the Eur J Phys Rehabil Med reveals that…

The use of light as a therapeutic alternative form of medicine to manage pain and inflammation has been proposed to fill this void. Among of the options there is photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) which is a non-thermal and non-ionizing light therapy applied in the form of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), most specifically low-intensity laser, and red and/or near infrared low-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The Evidence Score

Here is our evaluation, based totally on scientific research, of the potential effectiveness of the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 for its claimed benefits.

  • Relieves neck pain and stiffness*4.8/5
  • Promotes muscle relaxation*4.9/5
  • Reduces irritation*4.7/5
  • Improves blood circulation*4.8/5
  • Enhances overall neck mobility*4.9/5


Targeted Pain Relief

Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 employs red and near-infrared light treatment to parts of the body such as muscles, joints, and arthritic pain with the potential to ease the pain.

Improved Blood Flow

Regarding the mechanisms of action, light therapy is believed to enhance blood circulation in the treated area to speed up the recovery process and decrease inflammation.

Enhanced Range of Motion

Since stiffness and pain could be some of the issues that are addressed by the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500, this device could also increase one’s flexibility and range of movements in the areas that require treatment.

Drug-Free and Natural Treatment Options

This characteristic can act as a major draw for individuals looking for alternatives to traditional medications, aiming to avoid potential side effects commonly linked with pharmaceuticals.

What is the Customer Feedback?

Here are some excerpts from customer reviews to provide a more well-rounded perspective

Liked the device for my neck, but when I received the package, I initially checked it out because the infrared lights were not blinking. I learned that infrared light is invisible and found a solution by speaking with Medex’s customer support. -Hugh D.

This is a noteworthy observation, particularly concerning the light products like Medex. I found that after just one use, I experienced relief from neck stiffness and an improvement in neck mobility.. -Velma C.

I bought this for my daughter who has a slipped disc. She says it’s comfortable, and ever since she started using it, she feels more flexible and experiences less pain. -Nick Z.

I had some doubts at first, but after using the pillow for several weeks, I noticed a reduction in neck discomfort. It’s very comfortable, it keeps me warm for a long time, and during this period, I feel positive emotions. -Amber I.

I bought this for my husband, and he absolutely loves it. It’s been incredibly calming and effective for him. The pain went away within around 2 weeks. Overall, I’m satisfied with the quality and the company’s service. -Lynn E.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 help?

A: Qualitative feedback from customers using the Medex website reveals an impressive average rating of 4. Most users experience relief from pains and reduced stiffness in their neck and shoulders. It’s important to note that individual experiences with the above tips may vary.

What are the applications of the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 and how frequently should a patient utilize it?

A: The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 has also favorably passed the easy-to-use test! The pad is fixed in the place where it is required by fastening belts on the upper side of the pad. The device then proceeds to give a programmed twenty-minute therapy session. How often the product is used is also variable and depends on the need. Check the device manual or connect with the help of a healthcare professional for recommendations.

For how long do you expect the lights to burn? Depending on the intensity of the usage,
how many times will the product be able to serve?

A: Our medical grade LEDs are built to shine for around 50,000 hours, so no need for replacements, they’re good for a lifetime of use.

What are the characteristics of Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 in a technical aspect?

A: The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 utilizes red & near-infrared light therapy (680-850nm). This drug-free approach aims to relieve pain & inflammation through targeted light waves. Easy 20-minute treatments for neck, knees, shoulders & elbows.

Are there any side effects to using the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500?

A: LED light therapies such as Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500, are generally safe for most individuals without severe complications. However, it’s always advisable to consult a doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions before using the device.

What if the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 does not suit me in any way?

A: In the Medex website there is also a 60-day money-back guarantee offer. However, if the device is not as described, customers stand a chance of receiving back their full amount within 60 days from the purchase date.


The Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 utilizes crimson and near-infrared light therapy, a cutting-edge method in the medical field renowned for its effectiveness and gentle approach to pain relief. It stands as a ray of hope for individuals seeking solutions to chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, and stiffness.
Customer feedback on the Medex website consistently raves about the device’s comfort, user-friendliness, and impressive impact on discomfort and mobility. Just before you give it a heads up, it’s smart to chat with a healthcare pro before trying it, especially if you have existing medical conditions.

If you’re after a non-invasive way to tackle aches, the Medex Healing Neck Pad X-500 could be a good shot. You might even snag a 10% discount code for your purchase! Forget about pain holding you back. Take control and explore if red and near-infrared light therapy can help you get back to enjoying your everyday activities.

By Brendan Camp, MD

Brendan Camp, MD, is double board-certified in dermatology and dermatopathology and sees patients at MDCS Dermatology.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

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    Jane S July 15, 2024

    Reduced discomfort and improved mobility

    I’ve been using the Medex Healing Neck Pad for a few weeks now, and it’s been a game-changer for my neck pain. The combination of red and near-infrared light therapy has noticeably reduced my discomfort and improved mobility.


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