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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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Degree Wellness Clinic: Your Path to Health and Vitality.

Degree Wellness is a wellness lounge located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our passion lies in helping you achieve a healthy mind and body using advanced technology and methods. Fitness and wellness have always been our personal priorities, and we wanted to create a beautiful space where you could access the latest and greatest in wellness all in one place.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible experience. We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure you achieve optimal results, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to address any questions you may have.

If you’re in search of a wellness lounge that employs advanced technology to help you achieve complete mind and body wellness, Degree Wellness is the ideal destination for you. We’re dedicated to your well-being and committed to delivering the finest experience possible.
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We all deserve the confidence that comes with glowing, healthy skin. At our Clinics, we offer only the most advanced, results-driven treatments and professional products to help you achieve your skin goals. Not sure which treatment is right for you check our services listed below

Red light therapy is a simple treatment that uses light to boost skin health and energy in cells. It's a way to look younger by reducing wrinkles and spots, heal faster after workouts or injuries, soothe joint pain, like in knees or hands, and even get better sleep. Athletes might find that they perform better and stronger with the help of this therapy. Also, if someone has skin conditions or inflammation problems, like arthritis or eczema, this therapy can offer relief. Joovv, a top company in this field, creates red light therapy tools that are safe and approved by health experts. They're convenient because you can use them at home or even when traveling. Many studies show that red light therapy is not only effective but also safe with no known bad side effects. It's suitable for everyone, regardless of age or how active they are. For those curious about how this can benefit them or keen on getting a red light therapy, it's a good idea to talk to our expert team.

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hooga red light therapy

Hooga Red Light Therapy


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Infraredi Red Light Therapy


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Platinum Red Light Therapy


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Red Light Man

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Light Salon Boost LED Mask

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Infrared saunas use a special light to warm the body, reaching deeper into the skin compared to regular saunas. This deeper warmth offers many health perks. People using infrared saunas might find it easier to lose weight because of the calories burned during sessions. They can also experience pain relief, especially if they have conditions like arthritis or general muscle pain. The heat improves blood flow, benefiting those with blood pressure or heart issues. Sweating in the sauna helps cleanse the body from the inside, removing toxins, which is great for detoxification. Additionally, the warmth boosts collagen in the skin, making it look younger and smoother. Beyond the physical benefits, these saunas also give users a chance to relax, melting away stress and helping with better sleep. Infrared saunas come in three types, namely near, mid, and far-infrared. The last one reaches deepest into the skin. People of all ages can use these saunas. Typically, spending 20-30 minutes per session is suggested, and staying hydrated before and after is crucial. If you're thinking of trying an infrared sauna, Visit us and our professionals will guide you with it.

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platinum led saunamax

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Celluma is a special device that uses different colored lights to make your skin better and help with pain. It's been checked and approved by the FDA for nine things, like acne and wrinkles and more, but also for pain issues like tennis elbow. Here's how it works: The light from Celluma goes into your skin and communicate to your cells. This can do some really good things for you. First, it can make your skin stronger and stretchy by making something called collagen. That's what helps with wrinkles and how your skin feels. It can help with redness and swelling on your skin by calming it down. Furthermore, it can get your blood moving better, which brings food and air to your skin cells, making your skin even healthier. Lastly, the blue light can beat up the bad bacteria that cause acne, making your skin clearer. Celluma is safe and works well for lots of skin and pain problems. You can even use it at home. Just remember that a session is about 30 minutes long, and it might take a bit of time to see all the good changes. Book an appointment now an check out our Celluma Therapy services

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currentbody skin led light therapy mask

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Full-body cryotherapy involves a simple, non-invasive treatment method that exposes your body to extreme cold for a brief period, typically lasting around 3 minutes at a temperature of -140ºC (-220ºF). Potential advantages of full-body cryotherapy include pain relief by reducing inflammation, improved muscle recovery following exercise or injuries, enhanced circulation with a lower risk of blood clots, a bolstered immune system for better infection defense, stress reduction, and enhanced skin health characterized by reduced wrinkles and increased collagen production. It's important to note that full-body cryotherapy is generally considered safe for most individuals. However, there are some potential risks to be aware of, including the possibility of cold-induced injuries, such as frostbite, in rare instances. Cryotherapy can also lead to vasoconstriction, causing blood vessels to narrow and potentially raising blood pressure, as well as dizziness, particularly among those with low blood pressure. Visit us and talk to our experts to learn more about how full-body cryotherapy can be helpful for you.

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Dry float therapy offers a unique way to relax and enjoy the sensation of floating without the need to get wet. In this therapy, individuals lie on a warm membrane that's filled with water and Epsom salt. This special membrane then descends into a bed, giving a feeling of weightlessness and deep relaxation. The mixture of water and Epsom salt in the membrane allows for this sensation. Many have found dry float therapy beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing sleep quality, easing pain and muscle tension, and even improving skin health. Furthermore, it's been associated with a boost in creativity, productivity, mental clarity, and focus while also reducing inflammation. The setting for this therapy is also designed to be comfortable. The bed used is slightly bigger than a twin-sized bed, and unlike some float tanks, it doesn't have a lid. This ensures that people don't feel trapped or claustrophobic. The room where this therapy takes place is akin to a small bedroom, ensuring comfort. The membrane's water is maintained at a cozy 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit, and a standard session usually lasts about 60 minutes. Get the best recommendation on Dry Float from our experts at the clinic if you have any health concerns.

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