Purvisha Patel MD, FAAD

Dr. Purvisha Patel is a board certified dermatologist, MOHS and cosmetic surgeon, and the founder/owner of Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates in Memphis, Tennessee, Arlington Tennessee, and Olive Branch Mississippi. While treating patients of all genders, ethnicities and ages, Dr. Patel noticed a need for simple, safe, multi-use intentional skin care products that delivered results to be made available to the general public. She wanted to make the skincare routine simple, yet effective for more than one skin issue.To the delight of her patients, friends, family and the general public, Dr. Patel combined her dermatological expertise with her love of science and created Visha Skincare, a patented and US made brand of skin care lines that can be used intentionally to address and treat multiple skin issues. Each product in the Visha Skincare line gives more than one result to address skin concerns from acne and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and cellulite in the Advanced Line, to stretch marks and melasma in the Mommy Line, and shave bumps and pandemic skin needs in the Fitness Line.All Visha products are cost-effective, and suitable for both women and men of all skin types.